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The Future Starts at the Edge: MEC Whitepaper

September 7, 2017

With the promise of 5G and 50B connected services by 2020, communication service providers globally are reimagining the cloud to usher in the next era of hyper connectivity and immersive experiences, enhancing and enabling applications from streaming video to mission-critical applications such as active device location tracking. However, with requirements for ultra-low latencies, these applications cannot work optimally with data centers that are located hundreds of miles away from the end users. Not surprisingly service providers are embracing edge computing to move data crunching from the devices to the cloud, and closer to the devices. As recently stated by Andre Fuetsch, president of AT&T Labs and Chief Technology Officer, "Edge computing fulfills the promise of the cloud to transcend the physical constraints of our mobile devices." It's like having a wireless supercomputer follow you wherever you go.

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