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Test & Measurement Solution Brief 04252021

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2 RADISYS SOLUTION BRIEF | Radisys 5G Software Suite – Empowering Test & Measurement Solutions Radisys, a global leader in open telecom solutions, is leading many disruptive initiatives and accelerating path to 5G. It has one of the most advanced and latest 3GPP release compliant 4G and 5G software stacks, one of the largest professional service organization, and unique source-code based business models for Test & Measurement OEM vendors. Radisys is actively supporting many T&M vendors to solve their challenges and helping them drive new revenue streams by creating customized solutions for the new and emerging 4G and 5G system under test. Addressing Key Challenges and Requirements for Test & Measurement Solutions Portability The open telecom initiatives have enabled vendors and service providers the flexibility to choose platform of their choice to deploy their solutions. This creates a challenge for the testing software to be portable across variety of platform. Portability is foundational to the design of Radisys 5G software solutions. This enables the solution to work across a range of platforms such as x86, ARM, and DSP based platforms. Configurability A good test solution must be configurable to match the configuration of the SUT (Solution under Test). For instance, usage of SDR (Software Defined Radios) allows a test solution to operate in a large frequency range and match the operating band of the SUT. Radisys solutions have a well-defined and extensive OAM interface allowing a user to drive behavior based on configuration. Adaptability To simulate the specific behavior required by various test scenarios, the test solutions must be customizable and adaptable to test environments. Radisys offers its suite of 5G software solutions as a source code licenses that enables T&M OEM vendors to implement custom test features – using their in-house R&D team or through professional services engagement with Radisys. Flexibility A layered approach used to design Radisys software solutions enable the flexibility to modularize different functions and utilize them where they are best suited for a specific solution. Example: to meet specific latency requirements, some parts of MAC/Scheduler function might need to be closer to L1 payer, requiring the function to be the FPGA while the rest of the solution still runs on X86 processors. How Radisys Can Help Test and Measurement equipment vendors can accelerate their product development, while minimizing risk, by including field-proven, standards-based protocol software in their products Network equipment and handset vendors can work with Radisys to help establish end-to-end mobile networking test beds Industry forums can work with Radisys to create test automation and certification suites Mobile service providers can work with Radisys to integrate and test multi- vendor open network solutions

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