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Test & Measurement Solution Brief 04252021

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3 RADISYS SOLUTION BRIEF | Radisys 5G Software Suite – Empowering Test & Measurement Solutions Scalability Scalability of the solution is paramount, specifically for UE test solutions. Radisys software solution enables test solutions to measure performance and scalability of gNB/ eNB by emulating hundreds of users. Visibility Test solutions provide visibility on the System-under-Text (SUT). Visibility parameters such as KPIs, counters, and logs are must for the users to understand how the SUT is performing under different environment. Radisys solutions offer standard and custom counters and KPIs. Additionally, extensive logging throughout the solution offers good visibility into the state of the whole system. 4G UE NAS RRC PDCP + NR PDCP RLC MAC UE Application Phy Convergence Layer NR RLC + NR PDCP NR MAC NR Phy Convergence Layer Packet/Video Client 5G UE RRC S1AP + X2AP PDCP + NR PDCP RLC MAC Call control, RRM, SON eNodeB EPC NR RLC NR PDCP X2AP, eGTP NR RRC NR MAC NR Scheduler NR Phy Convergence Layer gNodeB O A M SGW MME PGW HSS Packet/Video Server Scheduler Phy Convergence Layer NR gNB Application LTE Uu over Ethernet 5G Air Interface over Ethernet X2 - U S1 X2 - C PAL interface X2 C interface S1 interface X2 U interface Figure: Radisys UE/RAN/CN Software PAL Setup

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