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RADISYS ENGAGE @ WORK SOLUTION BRIEF | Community Engagement 4 F E AT U R E S Broadcast Messages Send a text message up to 100 contacts at once Text Messages Send UNLIMITED Text Messages 2-way Interactive Channels Administered channel with BOT Integration Live Video Streaming Live streaming of key events directly in the chat interface possible Audio & Video Conference Up to 5 people at a time Language Customization Your app in your language Share Any File One-tap sharing of all photos, videos, PDF, Excel, Word 500 Member Groups Large group size for inclusivity Voice Notes On messaging Flexible Communications to Engage Your Audiences Engage@Work accommodates all of your organization's communication needs in a single application. Voice calling, video conferencing, chat and messaging are only the beginning of this applications capabilities. Fully customizable broadcast channels capable of sending rich media content and web-based management portals for easy administration are also part of this solution pack. With micro app support enabled, third- party content can be launched within Engage@Work, making it more extensible and cost-effective than traditional enterprise communication offerings. Engage@Work accommodates all of your organization's communication needs in a single application. Whether you are in need of a collaborative tool, broadcast channels or a video conferencing solution that is available on mobile devices, Engage@Work is agile and robust. No other application is as comprehensive. Automate your Communications Employing Engage@Work will simplify your organization's communications without increasing your operational workload. All platforms are supported—web, iOS, Android and feature phones—and easily managed via an online web portal or an internally hosted portal. The user experience interface can be designed quickly with an easy-to-use web-based administration portal. Channels are administered via a web portal by the individual enterprise departments and may be designated as Public or Private. Public Channels are discoverable by all employees and can be followed by all employees. Private Channels are only discoverable to a specific set of users and hence can only be followed by white listed users (via their mobile numbers). Whether implemented as a turnkey customizable application or a plug-and-pay deployment that is integrated into the service provider network or deployed on-premise at the enterprise, Engage@Work is designed to minimize administrative workload with simple backend interfaces capable of supporting a large number of users.

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