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2 R ADIS YS DATA SHEE T | Radisys Broadband Access Controller ONT 1 ONT 2 ONT n Radisys Management System CBAC microservices running on commodity hardware CBAC control and hardware abstraction Compute Storage Network Virtualization Layer x86 server cluster with compute and storage at aggregation network Connect Broadband Access Controller White box OLT 1 White box OLT 2 White box OLT 3 ONT 1 ONT 2 ONT n Open OLT Interface Architecture Radisys Management System (RMS) The Radisys Management System (RMS) architecture manages multiple access platforms and numerous network elements with a single integration point, enabling a programmable network. White Box OLT White box OLT implements basic hardware functions such as PON MAC to connect to Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) and Ethernet MAC to connect to the upstream network of BNG and other applications. Each OLT implements the interface towards CBAC and registers with CBAC running at the associated aggregation point. Optical Network Terminal The ONT (Optical Network Terminal), also called a modem, is the Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) that translates the light signals from the fiber optic cable into electronic signals that the subscriber's router can read. The Radisys Connect Broadband Access Controller allows a PON connection only from known serial numbers. After discovery of an ONT, the CBAC validates the serial number of the ONT and allows it if the same serial number is detected on the configured OLT and PON port of the OLT. If the ONT is unknown or is detected on an unconfigured PON port, CBAC raises authentication failure traps or sends an alarm to RMS. If the ONT is known to the system and is connected on the right PON port, flows for gaining access to the network are added and the CPE completes the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) procedure to complete the network connection. Terminology & Functions Connect Broadband Access Controller Key Highlights • Enhanced feature set for service providers, including Synchronization (IEEE 1588v2 and SyncE) and Enhanced 50ms Network Protection with ERPS (ITU-T G.8032). • Freedom from vendor lock-in for operators by virtualizing software (vOLT) and disaggregating the physical OLT device (pOLT), thereby enabling management of multi-vendor white box pOLTs and ONTs based on Open OMCI. • Control plane abstraction and scalable architecture using microservices that can be deployed on Commercial off-the-Shelf (COTS) servers or cloud. This unique offering can be deployed on physical OLTs and maintains the benefits of disaggregated software. • Programmable access networks, enabling broadband service providers to leverage Software Defined Networking (SDN) control and manageability. • Common software platform that can be used across various broadband access technologies, such as Gigabit Passive Optical Networks (GPON), 10 Gigabit Passive Optical (XGS-PON), Next Generation Passive Optical Network (NG-PON2) and so on.

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