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Page 0 of 2 D A T A S H E E T AN AGILE SOFT WARE SOLUTION FOR SCAL ABLE BROADBAND ACCESS Residential bandwidth demands driven by telecommuting scenarios, video streaming and numerous other use cases continue to put greater demand on fiber networks and add new levels of complexity for operators. Radisys' Connect Open Broadband is a software-driven broadband access solution that simplifies fiber network management with a highly programmable framework based on open standards and disaggregated architecture. Connect Open Broadband abstracts functions from proprietary black boxes to software form factors on open "white box" solutions, allowing service providers to disaggregate their networks, reduce costs and leverage software-defined networking (SDN) control and management. An intelligent software platform that performs functions which previously resided on legacy optical line terminals (OLTs), Radisys' Connect Broadband Access Controller (CBAC) transforms traditional broadband access into a virtualized form, which allows operators to drastically reduce capital and operating expenditures in the central office. CBAC reduces operational expenses by using open hardware solutions and moving processing functions into virtualized microservices running on x86 computers, which brings additional benefits such as high availability, rolling upgrades and quicker deployments. Capabilities Connect Broadband Access Controller CAPABILITIES Connect Broadband Access Controller extracts the OLT functionality from proprietary black boxes and implements it in a microservices architecture, which can run on commodity hardware at an aggregation point in the network. The software performs numerous functions such as: • Complete lifecycle management of OLTs to deliver broadband services to residential subscribers • Initializing and controlling the OLTs • Interacting with the Radisys Management System (RMS) to receive configuration and control requests from higher management network elements • Interfacing with and managing the OLTs to provide complete operational capabilities • Topology discovery of PON elements such as OLTs and ONTs or ONUs and providing the same services to the RMS • Interacting with RMS, setting up subscribers and services on the OLTs • Upgrade and rollback of software on the OLTs based on instructions from RMS • Monitoring the OLTs and providing hardware performance metrics to RMS Features Broadband Services • High Speed Internet Access • VOIP Calling • IPTV • Video on Demand • Video Calling Device Management • GPON & XGS-PON Devices • Provisioning and management of OLTs, PON and NNI ports and ONTs • In-band and Out-of-band Management • Alarm and KPI Support • Rogue ONT Detection • Synchronization with SyncE and PTP (IEE 1588v2) Services Management • Bandwidth Profile • Shaper Profile • CoSQ Profile • Dual Stack (IPv6 & IPv4) for subscriber • Traffic prioritization based on pbit marking Redundancy • Type-B Protection • LAG • 50ms Ring Protection with ERPS (ITU-T G.8032) • Microservice Resiliency

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