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2 RADISYS SOLUTION BRIEF | Engage Virtual Assistant Solution Brief Legacy solutions reside on rigid platforms that endure long update cycles and deployments that can require from weeks to months to make changes through the system. "Upgradability" and "flexibility" are not in their vocabularies. The hard and fast procedures that vendors created to provide "high-quality and secure" systems used with a single approach continuously extend new functionality to the existing system in order to offer new capabilities and support new services while leveraging the existing functions residing on the infrastructure. With this "add-on" approach, the systems have grown in complexity forcing customers into a complex interaction that requires long connection times and often extended hold times to speak with a customer care representative. These fundamental capabilities are increasing costs to the call center and intensifying the frustration of customers. With more customers accessing the system, the volume of calls is leading to hours of call hold times. Today's new technologies provide the foundation for solutions that can significantly improve the customers' call center experiences. With call volumes increasing by two-fold and the need for businesses to maintain costs, companies need efficient and cost-effective solutions that meet the needs of today's customers. Incorporating intelligent automation that creates efficient ways to engage customers provides a practical and flexible method for satisfying customer expectations. The Radisys Engage Intelligent Virtual Assistant delivers these benefits without breaking the bank. THE CONVERSATIONAL SELF-SERVICE VIRTUAL ASSISTANT Old IVR systems are fraught with problems that cannot solve today's intelligence-driven customer care center. These traditional IVR platforms do not engage the customer but use pre-programmed questions that only accept specific answers. They rely on Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) tones generated by the caller's device, which is the same technology used in the creation of the systems many years ago. While digits serve as a suitable mechanism for collecting numerical information and responding to the legacy prompts used in navigating the customer care center interface, numbers are restrictive. These legacy IVR systems are inflexible to the needs of today's businesses as they place customers at the mercy of pre-programmed logic that is neither intuitive nor engaging. Engage Intelligent Virtual Assistant offers self-service automation that both reduces operational costs and creates a pleasant, friendly, and informative customer experience: Personalized Engagement: Using Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and AI-based voice-processing, the Engage Intelligent Virtual Assistant quickly establishes a positive demeanor with the customer to create a smooth experience. Engaging the customer with their name and providing personalized messages can create a richer and deeper interaction that has high potential for building trust and loyalty resulting in higher customer retention. Highly Efficient Call Center Resources: The Engage Intelligent Virtual Assistant leverages AI-driven intelligent automation to respond to most (if not all) FAQ-oriented engagements without any need for the customer to speak to an agent. The intelligent automation delivers a consistent and controllable response to customer questions while preserving high-value subject matter experts for handling issues that require human discussions. Call Center Challenges • Reduce time to resolution • Improve customer experience • Optimize cost • Efficient use of experts

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