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3 RADISYS SOLUTION BRIEF | Engage Virtual Assistant Solution Brief Always Available: The personalized experience of the Engage Intelligent Virtual Assistant is not bounded by coffee breaks or personal time off. The ability to deliver the correct and accurate response at any time of day, on any day of the year builds loyalty with customers. Unbounded Call Support: The cost-effective cloud-based scalability of the Engage Intelligent Virtual Assistant allows it to grow to meet the needs of the business. The efficiency of handling these types of calls also drives a significant increase in call center productivity, as the Intelligent Virtual Agent can manage hundreds of questions simultaneously. Intelligent Processing: The AI-based Intelligent Virtual Assistants can expand their understanding of questions and interactions with each experience as they occur. The voice-based real-time analysis means these assistants listen to the question, interpret it in any language, and smartly ask clarifying questions to get to the root of the call. The Virtual Assistant can then provide next step options like providing links to video demos of the product, book an appointment, take an order, or transfer the call to live chat or live call agent. SPEECH ENABLEMENT IS GREAT—VIDEO INTERACTIONS ARE AWESOME! Customers seeking assistance and guidance are eager to get their answers quickly and efficiently. In many cases, they prefer interacting with a human being—a capability that all automated solutions lack today. Engage Intelligent Virtual Assistant solution offers an integrated AI-based video call bot that creates a more intimate experience for one-on-one video interactions with customer service, sales, and brand engagement—just like live video calls. This unique and patented industry-first approach enables video-based digital engagement while achieving cost efficiencies of automation. The AI-enabled system answers the verbal requests with short video responses from humans—not computer-generated avatars. Businesses can personalize video interactions by overlaying content and call-to-actions that are unique to the interaction. The overlaid personalized content can be based on customer profile, historical purchases, special interests or promotions and other information that is accessible via backend CRM integration. By providing intelligent video responses to customer queries, the Engage Intelligent Virtual Assistant is enabling better use of expert agents at the call center. Businesses now have a new model for resolving customer issues faster, increasing sales, reducing support costs, and boosting customer satisfaction. BOOSTING CUSTOMER SCORES BY MEETING THEM WHERE THEY ARE With the emphasis on quickly resolving customer's queries, the virtual assistant solution must be simple and adapt to the mode and channel in which customer desires to interact. The Engage Intelligent Virtual Assistant is a highly flexible platform that not only enables fully conversational self-service assistant but also allows the business to choose how they want to support their customers. The Intelligent Virtual Assistant supports voice, video, text, and chat to ensure that the customer can engage with the brand from any platform they choose—their social media, their loyalty app, their website, or telephony. Customers can enjoy even the video-based assistance by dialing a regular customer support number,

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