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Driving ARPU with the Smart Feature Phone

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2 RADISYS SOLUTION BRIEF | Drive ARPU With Affordable Smart Feature Phone and Integrated Digital Apps that can increase their subscriber base, grow ARPU, and raising switching barriers through sticky, loyalty enhancing services. The results achieved by Reliance Jio in India, our sister organization, where the subscriber count exceeded over 380M only three years after network launch, can be replicated and customized to local demographics. Radisys can provide a full spectrum of products, applications, and services that bring these best practices that drive data consumption, successfully roll out digital services that attract and retain customers and increase profitability. Let us explore the key components that Radisys brings to your network to help you grow your customer base so that your 4G business can distance itself from the competition. Best-in-Class 4G Smart Feature Phones The expansion of 4G networks throughout Africa and the Middle East region will create new opportunities for mobile operators to enable mass-market digital experiences with an affordable, feature-rich phone. More than just a handset, the Radisys 4G smart feature phone is a lifestyle accelerator that brings high-value customer engagements and streamlined customer experiences—all of which translates to greater stickiness and reduced churn for mobile operators. The look and feel and rich functionality of a high-quality device build pride for the subscriber when they demonstrate, to their friends & family, how it can do so much more than making phone calls and sending and receiving text messages. The operator branded phone offered by Radisys is high quality, affordably priced while providing an excellent user experience. The value of Radisys' 4G smart feature phone is that it delivers consistent, user- friendly digital experiences unmatched by any other product, network operator, or OTT solution. These phones are not only easy to use for any user; they also provide significantly better service capabilities than devices operating on legacy 2G networks. The 4G network's higher bandwidth powers excellent quality video streaming, winning social applications, and affordable appeal to everyone. With these premium feature phones operating on 4G, the network operator can use a full range of Radisys white-labeled applications to provide services like video calling, messaging, community engagement channels, and media applications, including IPTV, video on demand, and music streaming. Driving revenue occurs when users have access to engaging experiences. Traditional feature phones are not powerful enough to engage the user with a high-end customer experience. Premium-grade feature phones with color displays and 4G connectivity create the impact that drives customer loyalty and generates usage- based revenue. Smart feature phones with meaningful apps help increase data consumption 35 to 70X compared to standard feature phones

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