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2 R ADIS YS DATA SHEE T | Radisys Management System F E AT U R E S Application Tier • Fault Manager—enables fault management in the RMS by processing and storing fault indicators received from ME (Managed Entity Manager) • Event Manager—enables event management in the RMS by processing and storing events from ME Manager • KPI Manager—enables KPI management in the RMS by processing and storing KPI events received from ME Manager • Data Manager—enables data management functionalities, such as creation of statistics for managed elements • Data Aggregation Summary—summarizes KPI data daily, weekly or monthly and manages the database-related tasks, such as database backup and restore • Task Manager—enables task management within the RMS and manages the scheduling of task-related jobs • Schedule Manager—facilitates task execution at the scheduled time • Microservice Manager—provides status/information and monitors microservices running in the RMS • Report Manager—facilitates report creation functionality • KPI Collector—collects KPIs from the SDPON and saves the same to the database Mediation Tier • Me Manager • Stiches the application tier with the underlying controllers such as CBAC • Receives faults, events and key performance indicator (KPI) notifications from CBAC and forwards the same to the fault manager, event manager and the KPI manager • CBAC Adaptor • Enables all interaction with CBAC over REST and Kafka • Receives faults, events and KPI notifications from the SDPON controller and forwards the same to the Me Manager • Forwards the SDPON related rest calls to the SDPON controller Messaging Tier Internal Kafka based messaging enables interaction between all RMS microservices Data Tier Provides a database for the RMS to store logs, KPIs etc. DA SHBOA RD The Radisys Management System features an intuitive dashboard with rich functionalities and customizable widgets. • Search capability for resources and consolidated fault summary • Consolidated summary of management domains, controllers, devices and sites • Geo map support • Customizable widgets: • OLT state statistics • ONT state statistics • Controller status • Management Domain status • Latest faults • ME fault statistics • OLT port state statistics • Alarm histogram • ME model statistics

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