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Page 0 of 2 D A T A S H E E T The Radisys Management System (RMS) acts as the element management system of the Connect Open Broadband solution and provides a single pane of glass (Web GUI) for service management, subscriber management, device management, faults, performance metrics etc. The RMS provides workflows for performing operations, administration, maintenance, and provisioning of the Connect Open Broadband solution. The RMS interacts with Operations Support Systems (OSS), Business Support Systems (BSS), and drives the configuration and control towards Connect Broadband Access Controller (CBAC). When a subscriber is on-boarded by OSS/BSS, RMS accesses the information of the PON port of the OLT, ONT identities, and services of the subscriber. Architecture The Radisys Management System (RMS) microservices architecture is divided into multiple tiers—an interface tier, an application tier, a mediation tier, a messaging tier and a data tier. Radisys Management System Interface Tier The interface tier provides RMS northbound interfaces and consists of the following microservices: • REST API service (web-app-server) • The API Service provides access to all the APIs exposed by the RMS • All the APIs are authenticated and authorized to allow the access to the user • Creates the audit log for each API accessed using this service • OSS/BSS integration service (soap-service) • This microservice provides functionalities to integrate with the various OSS/BSS systems 1 Radisys Corporation - CONFIDENTIAL High level Architecture OSS/BSS MANO UI Interface Tier Application Tier Mediation Tier Connect Broadband Access Controller (CBAC) Database Kafka (Messaging) OSS/BSS Integration Service API Service Fault Manager Event Manager Data Manager DB Manager Task Manager Microservice Manager Schedule Manager Log Manager ZTP Manager Report Manager KPI Manager KPI Collector ME Manager CBAC Adapter White box #1 White box #2 White box #3 RMS REST Kafka High Level Architecture

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