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2 RADISYS SOLUTION BRIEF | Enhances the Conference Call Experience and Productivity In-call virtual assistants herald an altogether new and highly digitized conference experience. The aim is to turn the conference into a productivity hub and automate the in-conference experience for better engagement, productivity and collaboration. Engage In-Call Assistant Revolutionizes the Conferencing Experience The Radisys Engage In-Call Assistant is a carrier-grade speech analytics-as-a-service that transforms all aspects of the meeting experience, from setup, to the meeting itself, to post meeting activities. It integrates voice processing, conversational AI-based voice analysis, natural language processing, telephony, and VoIP systems to provide rich, personalized experiences by "listening and acting" on spoken commands regardless of where a user is and what device they are connecting with. The Engage In-Call Assistant solution integrates speech analytics with a wide range of telephony services to create new opportunities for service providers. The cloud-based system enables lucrative and innovative applications like personal virtual assistants "who are listening in many languages and waiting to act" and can easily integrate with business IT systems and industry vertical workflows when necessary. These personal virtual assistants can be paired with business and consumer conference calling services to improve user uptake. In-Call Assistant allows people to speak commands instead of looking up and entering codes on the keypad. The always-listening assistant can perform many actions for regular calls and conference calls, like "record the conference," "mute all lines," "transcribe the call," and "add John Smith," to name a few. These automated commands attract more users and reduce customer turnover by providing instinctive spoken commands that improve meeting experiences and value. By linking the power of Engage In-Call Assistant's cloud-based computer vision and speaker-verification solutions, service providers can enable biometric authentication for secure collaboration sessions. The cost effective in-network solution scales as needed, offering CSPs new monetization services.

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