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3 RADISYS SOLUTION BRIEF | Enhances the Conference Call Experience and Productivity Cloud-Based Solution Eliminates Complexity and Costs The traditional approaches to in-call voice-enabled services that can "listen, interpret, and act" are complex and costly. They require unique hardware and software, where the equipment is often built for specific languages and tightly coupled with applications. In some cases, the only way to deliver accurate voice recognition is by limiting the system to environments where speech recognition capabilities do not have to compete with background noise – not customer friendly! Speech accuracy is critical, empowering the requisite speech-to-text conversions to ensure accurate hands-free meeting actions, transcriptions, and meeting control. From an operational perspective, such proprietary equipment often requires extensive training and skills development to keep it tuned and running efficiently in each business location or service provider network. These high Capex and Opex as well as the lack of in-house skills results in cost prohibitive business cases. The programmable Engage In-Call Assistant solution offers a much more cost-effective approach than traditional speech software and systems. The Engage-powered system lowers costs and complexity of integrating external network elements by up to 90%. Whether deployed at the service provider or hosted in the Radisys cloud, the AI-driven solution "listens" for key words and phrases and applications can take actions based on the related business process or workflow. The cloud based Engage platform includes a suite of programmable conversational AI processing tools to power new, innovative, and intuitive services across cellular, landline, OTT, and web interfaces. These systems give conference service providers the performance, security, quality, and control they need to build scalable high value customer experiences over their network services and as over-the-top applications. Key Benefits: • Offers unique experience and enhances productivity of business meetings. • Increases business and customer loyalty by offering easy-to-use high value "personalized" services. • Extends global reach with multi-language support. • Provides flexibility to adapt to specific customer needs through programmable capabilities. • Accelerates time to market through cloud-based "as-a-service" solution with reduced total cost of ownership. • Creates a unique, branded persona for service providers.

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