Radisys ES6001H and ES6004H Optical Network Terminals

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Page 0 of 2 D A T A S H E E T DEPLOYMENT - READY HARDWARE FOR FIBER - TO - THE - HOME NET WORKS The ES6001H / ES6101H / ES6004H / ES4204H ONTs are designed for the industry leading Radisys OLT platforms. Radisys ES6001H / ES6101H / ES6004H / ES4204H ONTs terminate an XGS-PON or AE fiber link at the subscriber's location and provide industry standard interfaces for the customer premises equipment. The ONTs enable subscribers to receive broadband data, IP, and VOIP or VoIP Gateway (for TDM POTS) on a single fiber. At the ONT, the optical signal is converted to the appropriate electrical signal for transmission over the residence's existing twisted pair, CAT5 Ethernet cables to operate as a high- speed LAN. ES6001H / ES6101H / ES6004H / ES4204H ONTs are easy to install, activate, and maintain. Innovative software management tools allow the service provider to quickly configure, activate and upgrade the ONTs from a remote location. Extensive troubleshooting capabilities, remote software downloads, and easy-to-use service profile menus ensure that services are delivered and ONTs are maintained without needless truck rolls and hardware upgrades. The Radisys smart activation process simplifies installation and turn-up by using a laptop or phone to configure and activate the ONT at the premises. The craftsperson can install and turn up an ONT without assistance from the central office or the use of special equipment. Radisys is also expanding the reach of XGS-PON beyond the traditional 20 km boundary. Extended reach XGS-PON Radisys ES6001H and ES6004H Optical Network Terminals supports links between the ONT and OLT of up to 40 km. This additional coverage allows service providers to expand their XGS-PON networks and economically serve sparsely populated outlying locales without adding remote cabinets. Radisys outdoor ONTs are hardened to withstand a full range of outdoor temperatures. When placed outside, the ONT is housed in an environmentally sealed enclosure that protects it from the elements. For an indoor installation, the ONT can be mounted on a bracket specially designed for wall-mount and structured wiring enclosure applications. The Radisys hardened ONT series has modularized the hardware design—retaining a (common) mainboard while supporting the installation of different daughter I/O modules that can satisfy a variety of deployment scenarios, such as 6GHz Wi-Fi daughter card with Directional Antenna, making the installation much easier. Radisys ONT software architecture has embraced the concepts of SD-WAN with NFV solution. The software of each I/O module is deployed as a VNF, which can be easily downloaded (pushed) onto the ONT hardware and remotely configured/modified as needed. This capability speeds deployment for service providers without causing a significant impact on network functionality. If/when a daughter I/O module is changed, the PON Control software only needs to replace the existing VNF with a new VNF to enable the capabilities provided by the newly installed daughter I/O module. DESCRIPTION The Radisys ES6001H and ES6004H are 10Gbps XGS-PON and 10/1.0Gbps Active Ethernet (AE) optical network terminals (ONTs) that deliver a wide array of information, communications and entertainment services over fiber. These high performance ONTs set the standard with one 10 Gigabit of four 2.5 Gigabit (2.5G) Ethernet (GE) interfaces that provide unmatched IPTV video and data services. The versatile ES6001H/ES6004H line of ONTs also feature one or two POTS lines (ES6101H/ES6204H) via integrated VOIP or VOIP Gateway (for TDM POTS).

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