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Page 0 of 0 D A T A S H E E T DEPLOYMENT - READY HARDWARE FOR FIBER - TO - THE - HOME NET WORKS The PM4204 is a high-performance device integrating a 2.5 G-PON optical WAN interface with switching and routing functions to manage subscriber's network traffic on premise. Radisys' PM4204 ONTs terminate a G-PON fiber link at the subscriber's location and provide industry- standard interfaces for the customer premises equipment, enabling residential and commercial subscribers to receive broadband data, IP and VoIP or VoIP Gateway (for TDM POTS) on a single fiber. The PM4204 supports easy software module upgrades, triple-play services and a multi-vendor ecosystem. Its service interfaces include: four gigabit Ethernet (GE) ports for IPTV video and data services and two integrated voice lines supporting carrier grade VoIP. VIRTUAL CONNECTIVIT Y As the digital era quickly evolves and subscriber demand for new value-added services grows, it is important to enable service providers to profit from these new services by establishing a platform for offering, deploying and supporting a broad set of vertical applications to users in a scalable fashion. Radisys provides such as platform with the PM4204, which is virtually connected to provide not only integrated access and gateway solutions that deliver advanced network management for a gigabit experience but also provides module software for easy upgrades with a multi-vendor ecosystem which features help service providers easily deploy and upgrade software as needed without interruption of the subscriber network. GIGABIT SUBSCRIBER EXPERIENCE The PM4204 premises service delivery platform terminates a G-PON fiber optic link at the subscriber's premises and provides gigabit Ethernet interfaces and wireless connectivity for the customer's multi-media devices. The PM4204 enables residential and commercial subscribers to receive gigabit broadband data, IP video, and VoIP on a single fiber. Using bridged or home gateway features Radisys PM4204 Optical Network Terminals allows service providers to extend the access network inside the premise to establish a strategic location for the delivery and control of broadband services. The PM4204 solution delivers HD video and data throughout a subscriber's premise with control and management for an increasingly video-rich and mobile broadband environment. SIMPLE INSTALL ATION, ACTIVATION AND MANAGEMENT With the PM4204, Radisys has redefined installation and activation for residential and commercial services at the subscriber's premises with zero-touch installation. Using the Radisys zero touch activation function and a laptop, a field technician can install and apply the subsriber's service profile without special equipment or assitance from the central office. Radisys also provides an innovative cloud software portfolio, including management via the Radisys Management System (RMS), which allows service providers to configure, activate and update the PM4204 quickly from a remote location using in-band management or TR-069. Extensive troubleshooting capabilities, remote software downloads and easy-to-use service activation tools ensure that broadband services are delivered and maintained without needless truck rolls and hardware upgrades. Utilizing PM4204 allows service providers to reduce their operational expenses while effectively delivering the gigabit experience to their subscribers. CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS: 8900 NE Walker Road, Suite 130, Hillsboro, OR 97006 +1-503-615-1100 | 800-950-0044 | Fax +1-503-615-1121 | | ©2021 Radisys Corporation. Radisys is a registered trademark of Radisys Corporation. All other trademarks are the properties of their respective owners. July 2021 RSYSDSPM2404ONT07122021A

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