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Page 7 of 8 8 Future-Proof your FTTx Network with Open, Programmable, Scalable Hardware Solutions OP TIC A L NE T WORK T ERMIN A L S ( ON T S ) The Radisys series of G-PON optical network terminals (ONTs) and optical network units (ONUs) provide high performance and flexibility for fiber networks. Suitable for residential and commercial use, this deployment-ready hardware is feature rich to support data, voice and video needs with high performance and operational efficiency. Radisys ONTs and ONUs utilize open interfaces; as such, they are interoperable with numerous third-party vendor hardware for easy integration with existing OLTs in operator networks. Third-party ONTs are also available as part of the Connect Open Broadband solution set. Radisys has conducted rigorous testing with a broad ecosystem of partners in lab and field testing to ensure its performance and interoperability. You can be assured that all ONTs offered by Radisys fulfill our stringent quality and performance standards. Common features of Radisys-provided ONTs and ONUs include: • OMCI remote management support • QoS and multicast support • Real-time detection and reporting of equipment, software, and interface failures to the OLT using alarms • Data, voice and video enablement OP TIC A L LINE T ERMIN A L S ( OLT S ) The Radisys series of OLTs are based on industry-standard open architecture supporting G-PON and XGS-PON with software based on the VOLTHA/SEBA reference architecture. This architecture introduces datacenter- driven cost efficiencies as a compact fixed-form factor solution with high port densities, helping service providers to simplify deployments and reduce operating expenses. Equipped with cutting edge technology Radisys OLTs support G-PON and XGS-PON on the same platform. Recognizing the need for different broadband requirements, from rural to urban and sparse to dense, our solution supports flexible deployment architectures. Available G-PON and Any-PON OLTs models allow providers to choose the hardware that best suits their market needs. The MultiPON interfaces on select models enable each port to support a G-PON SFP as well as an XGS-PON SFP for optimum flexibility. Enabled with carrier-class features, such as ONT management, clocking, VLAN tag manipulation, QoS and other features, the Radisys series of OLTs offer the reliability of traditional chassis-based OLT systems but with greater flexibility, scalability, and an open architecture that is unmatched by proprietary, vendor-specific chassis systems. Radisys is a one-stop supplier for leading-edge, highly flexible and programmable ONTs/ONUs and OLTs. We are an expert in delivering open solutions that create value, increase efficiency and achieve agility through high performing scalable innovations. Connect Open Broadband enables service providers to increase efficiency with an interoperable multi-vendor ecosystem that simplifies network operations with end-to-end orchestration for a seamless customer experience.

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