Advancing the Network through SDN and NFV

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2 1 A U GU S T 2 0 12 At this year's Mobile World Congress 2014 conference in Barcelona, Spain, nearly every vendor on the show floor was talking about the industry's latest buzzwords: Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). But these technologies are more than just a passing trend. Industry analysts say that operators are moving remarkably fast to deploy SDN and NFV because of the cost savings that these technologies promise from both a cap ex and an op ex perspective. According to Maravedis-Rethink, nearly 75 percent of mobile operators will deploy some form of NFV by 2018. The firm had to revise earlier estimates of 67 percent to accommodate the growing trend. Likewise, Infonetics Research found that 29 percent of the operators it surveyed said that they are currently implementing SDN, while 52 percent plan to evaluate SDN by the end of 2014. Nearly every operator the research firm surveyed said it plans to deploy SDN or NFV in some form in their network at some point. With these bullish estimates, it's not surprising that Goldman Sachs says the SDN software infrastructure market will be a $1 billion business by 2018. In the U.S. market, AT&T has been particularly vocal in its commitment to virtualization. The company launched its Domain 2.0 initiative in September 2013 and has named several vendors that will be supporting its program. Although AT&T hasn't provided details on its plans to save money, the company has said it expects Domain 2.0 to "reflect a downward bias" toward capital spending. In the latest ebook from FierceWireless, "Advancing the network through SDN and NFV," we take an in-depth look at how SDN and NFV are changing the wireless network. DIAMOND SPONSOR PLATINUM SPONSOR M AY 2 0 14 BY SUE M A REK E DI T OR IN CHIE F /// FIERCEWIRELESS 3 SDN/NFV Take Star Turns as Next Big Blockbuster Technologies 6 Telco-grade Platforms for SDN/NFV *Sponsored Content* 7 U.S. Outlook for SDN: Onward and Upward 10 Managing the Deployment Challenges of Network NFV *Sponsored Content* 11 SDN & NFV: Two Great Things That Go Great Together? 15 SDN: Feeling a Bit Insecure 17 AT&T Seeking Early-Mover Advantage in a Virtualized World ADVANCING THE NETWORK THROUGH SDN AND NFV FierceWireless.com FierceWireless

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