Bringing SON and Small Cells Together

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INTRODUCTION At Radisys we believe operators must be enabled to take advantage of the best small cell SON capabilities so that they can continue to innovate in the network. This eBook describes the journey of SON through the network, what SON does for the operator, and how we as an industry can best deliver SON capabilities to operators as they plan, deploy and manage heterogeneous networks. Through 2014 we have seen the network become a key battleground as operators seek to differentiate around consumer experience. As cloud-based services and the app culture dominates, and consumers demand media from a range of devices connected to a range of network access technologies, network operators know they must provide the best-connected experience. Todd Mersch, Senior Director of Software & Services, Radisys To do this, operators are being tasked to build networks that provide seamless capacity and coverage to match user demands, yet they are running out of two of the key tools they have – spectrum and macro cell capacity. To meet their end goal they know they must develop denser networks to harness the efficiencies of spectrum re-use, and that necessitates deploying small cells within a co-ordinated HetNet architecture. This increasingly complex network architecture creates the role for SON technology as a key enabler of this changing network paradigm. SON promises automated network processes from planning to configuration, operation and management, to self-optimization and self-healing across the multiple layers of network operation. "We believe operators must be enabled to take advantage of the best small cell SON capabilities." Sponsor's Hi!

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