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Solution Brief v1.0 A New Network Element for Today's Network Challenges The accelerated introduction of new higher fidelity and more bandwidth efficient codecs coupled with the cost of forkli upgrades is driving the need for a new approach to transcoding – one which delivers better economics with increased flexibility to future proof your network, while preserving past investments in your session boarder controllers (SBCs) and media gateway platforms. Building on over 15 years of leadership in IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) and media plane decomposition, Radisys' MediaEngine™ Transcode Resource Function (TRF) products allow communications service providers to deploy transcoding as an adjunct function which scales independently and complements existing legacy network elements such as SBCs and media gateways. By decoupling transcoding from legacy network elements, communications service providers can lower their overall OpEx costs up to 60% by deploying fewer but more powerful MediaEngine TRF nodes in their network, eliminating the need for expensive forkli upgrades typical of adding HD transcoding capabilities to today's SBCs and media gateways. Radisys' MediaEngine TRF solutions, including the MediaEngine™ TRF-12000 DSP optimized platform and the MediaEngine™ Virtualized TRF (vTRF) so ware only solution, provide communications service providers with flexible deployment and scalability options, while positioning operators for their shi to telecom cloud architectures. BENEFITS OF ADJUNCT TRANSCODING • Independently scalable from signaling • Simpler deployment of new services with new media types • Consolidation of expensive transcoding resources • Shared media resource for multi-vendor environments FEATURES • Unparalleled audio and video support • Flexible deployment options • So ware and hardware options PRODUCTS • MediaEngine TRF-12000 • MediaEngine vTRF MediaEngine ™ Transcode Resource Function (TRF) Advanced Multimedia Transcode Platform Radisys Solution Brief

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