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2 RADISYS DATASHEET | Connect RAN eNodeB MAC Schedulers PHY PHY Convergence Layer RLC PDCP Transport Security UDP GTP TCP Interference/Power Management RACH Capacity Optimization EARFCN, PCI Selection ANR Mobility Robustness Optimization (MRO) [Idle, Connector Modes] SRB & DRB Control Crypto & RDHC Accelerator in HW QoS QoS QoS Mobility Control OSCDA C Driļ¬… Control Backhaul QoS Control Admin Lock Policy DB DCAC O&M (FM, PM, CM, TR69/196 S1AP X2AP SDN RRM eNodeB Call Control FSM SCTP REM Control Interfaces OTA Security RRC = REM, SON Radisys Trillium Applications = RRM, TR-069/196 Call Control Radisys Trillium Application = Trillium Silicon -specific Convergence Layer = 3GPP -compliant Radisys Trillium Protocols Figure 1: A look at an optimized small cell use case for a residential, enterprise and outdoor deployment with Innowireless. SI. No. eNB Layer Specification Compliance 1 MAC 3GPP TS 36.321, 3GPP TS 36.211, 36.212, 36.213, version 9.4.0 2 RLC 3GPP TS 36.322, version 9.3.0 3 PDCP 3GPP TS 36.323, version 9.0.0 4 eGTP 3GPP TS 29.274, version 9.3.0 3GPP TS 29.281, version 9.3.0 5 S1AP 3G TS 36.413, version 9.6.0, v10.6.0 6 X2AP 3G TS 36.423, version 9.5.0, v10.6.0 7 RRC 3G TS 36.331, version 9.5.0, v10.6.0

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