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Page 0 of 2 D A T A S H E E T B E N E FI T S O F A D J U N C T T R A N S CO D I N G • Independently scalable from signaling • Simpler deployment of new services with new media types • Consolidation of expensive transcoding resources • Shared transcoding resource for multi-vendor environments F E AT U R E S • Unparalleled reliability and proven interoperability • Advanced DSP technology for maximum density and minimum total cost of ownership • Unmatched HD voice and advanced transcoding video support across all applications and services • Proven interoperability with all leading IMS vendor solutions • Open standards interface for easy integration with B2BUA and 3rd Party Call Control applications Advanced Multimedia Transcode Platform for VoLTE, VoWiFi and WebRTC A New Way to Look at Solving Real-time Transcoding in Your Network As communications service providers accelerate their deployments of VoLTE, VoWiFi and WebRTC interactive services, the need for transcoding is more important than ever. These new services have introduced complex high definition audio and advanced video codecs into the network, leading to the need for more real-time transcoding and transrating to support service inter- working and interoperability between legacy and modern devices and networks. Traditionally, media gateways and session border controllers (SBCs) have performed network transcoding functions, but few are designed for today's complex codecs. When new codecs are introduced such as EVS or Opus, communications service providers often need to perform expensive and time consuming forklift upgrades for their networks. Radisys' MediaEngineTM Transcode Resource Function (TRF) allows these operators to deploy transcoding as a distinct, independently scalable function which addresses their new transcoding needs as well as extends the life of existing SBCs and media gateways already deployed in the network. By decoupling transcoding from legacy network elements, communications service providers can reduce the number of transcoding nodes in their network and eliminate the need for expensive forklift upgrades typical when adding HD transcoding capabilities to today's SBCs and media gateways. Maximum Flexibility The Radisys MediaEngine™ TRF-12000 offers advanced IP media transcoding and transrating capabilities with the scalability and proven reliability required to meet the most demanding operator needs to deliver HD voice and advanced transcoding video services. With rich support for 3GPP IR.92, IR.94 and WebRTC, the MediaEngine TRF-12000 is ideally suited as a transcoding platform for communications service providers deploying advanced VoLTE, IMS and over-the-top web communication services. Scalability and Performance The MediaEngine TRF-12000 provides industry leading performance and scale for audio and video transcoding, with up to 5-10x the capacity of alternatives, while maintaining a much smaller footprint resulting in lower total cost of ownership and return on investment. While smaller scale and simpler audio codec requirements can be addressed by software and COTS solutions, the MediaEngine TRF-12000 is particularly effective when transcoding a large number of concurrent sessions of complex codecs such as AMR-WB and EVS as well as H.264 and VP8 video. MediaEngine™ TRF-12000 Transcode Resource Function

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