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Page 0 of 2 D A T A S H E E T F E AT U R E S • Unparalleled reliability and proven interoperability • Advanced DSP technology for maximum density and minimum TCO • HD voice and HD video support across all applications and services • Proven interoperability with all leading IMS vendor solutions • Open standards interfaces for easy integration with 3rd party applications S E RV I C E S P OW E R E D BY R A D I S Y S M R F • VoLTE/ViLTE/VoWiFi • Real-time Audio/Video Transcoding • WebRTC Gateway and MCU • Advanced Multimedia Conferencing • Value-added Services (VAS) • Audio/Video Ringback • Audio/Video Messaging • Interactive Voice and Video Response • Voice controlled services • Ad subsidized communications • Contextual communications Advanced Multimedia Processing Platform for VoLTE, VoWiFi and WebRTC Revenue-generation Engine for Real-time Multimedia Communication Services The Radisys MPX-12000 is the industry's most powerful media processing solution and the engine for a wide range of revenue-generating voice and video services. The MPX-12000 offers advanced IP media processing capabilities with the scalability and proven reliability required to meet the most demanding operators need to deliver HD voice and HD video services. With rich support for 3GPP IR.92, IR.94 and WebRTC, the MPX-12000 is ideally suited as a common platform for communication service providers deploying advanced VoLTE, IMS and over-the-top web communication services. Open, Application Agnostic Services Delivery The proliferation and duplication of media processing solutions, driven by legacy network architectures, and proprietary service nodes characterized by vertical integration between application logic and each node's media processing resources, has resulted in inefficiency and unnecessary costs for fixed and mobile communication providers. Radisys' MPX-12000 enables service providers to consolidate common media processing capabilities into a versatile resource that can be shared across all interactive voice and video services in your network regardless of how subscribers access those services and regardless of which application vendor's solutions have been deployed in your network. Faster Service Introduction and Innovation By fully embracing the service decomposition principles championed by the IP Multimedia System (IMS) Architecture and implementing IP media processing as reusable building blocks, the Radisys MPX-12000 provides application developers and communication service providers the IP Media processing platform needed not only to migrate legacy TDM and Intelligent network services to their IP network but also to deliver innovative new native IP voice and video services required to compete with over-the-top offerings. The common platform capabilities of the Radisys MediaEngine portfolio lowers business case hurdles for new services and service innovation is both enabled and accelerated. Affordable High Definition Video Services The explosion of HD voice and video enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets and TVs has opened a new world of communication service possibilities. Until now, service providers have been faced with expensive, service-specific video communication platforms which inhibited service introduction, competitiveness, and subscriber adoption rates. Radisys' MPX-12000 delivers the unprecedented density and attractive economics needed to help accelerate mass market adoption of mobile video and WebRTC services while enabling the investment in IP video processing to be leveraged across a broader range of services and user terminals. MediaEngineTM MPX-12000 Media Resource Function

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