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Aster XGB A-730 Session eXpert GTP Load Balancer Technical Data Sheet Microtel Innovation S.r.l. Via Armentera 8, 38051 Borgo Valsugana TN (Italy) Microtel Innovation is a Cinetix Group Company 1 Aster A-730 XGB GTP Load Balancer Product Description GTP Correlation and Balancing With Aster XGB A-730, Microtel Innovation added a new product to XGB Load Balancer family, by delivering a top performer GTP balanc- er, capable to run GTP correlation and balancing up to 200 Gb/s data throughput and 20 Millions of concurrent tunnels. Like the other Microtel Innovation products of the XGB A-7xx series, Aster A-730 implements a powerful GTP correlation engine, which performs stateful correlation of GTP-C with GTP-U messages, based both on the subscriber ID (IMSI) and the corresponding tunnel ID (TEID), with session-aware load balancing distribution to the output ports. As unique distinctive feature, XGB A-730 delivers industry-leading density with 2 Tb/s L2/L3 switching capability, 200Gb/s data throughput and up to 20 Million concurrent tunnels of GTP traffic cor- relation and balancing to support future traffic growth driven by 5G and IoT applications. Highlights Face the dramatic explosion of GTP data traffic, also in case it is overcoming 100Gb/s in the same site, by leveraging your existing Monitoring System, as you can simply add more probes to manage ever growing data Ensure complete visibility into subscriber experience as XGB balances all the incoming traffic (GTP & no-GTP), performing session-aware correlation of the GTP part; Support up to 20x100Gb/s, 20x40Gb/s and 80x10Gb/s in one unit, no need for external Packet Broker to interface the input data links, increasing in number and speed, which are needed to cope with the growing traffic. Key features 20x100Gb/s input/output ports, each one to be used as 1x100Gb/s, 1x40Gb/s or 4x10Gb/s, Manage 200Gb/s total traffic and up to 20 million concurrent tunnels, Perform stateful correlation and load balancing of GTP-C with GTP-U messages, based both on the subscriber ID (IMSI) and the related tunnel ID (TEID) Recognize "no GTP" traffic and balance it towards some specific monitoring ports or to the same ones used for the GTP traffic, Device Management: CLI and GUI for local and remote management, Real time statistics, counters and SNMP alarms. Network protocols and interfaces: GTPv1-C, GTPv2-C, GTPv1-U, 2G,3G,4G interfaces, IPV4 and IPV6 supported, IP packet fragmentation managed Aster XGB GTP Load Balancer

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