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2 RADISYS DATASHEET | Radisys Engage Media Server Management System (MMS) Operations The MMS Operations module performs the function of discovery, on-boarding, Installation and upgrade of Media Server nodes. The creation and deletion of a Media Server VNF can be performed directly or by using a heat template via an OpenStack controller. Once the Media Server instances are discovered and installed, an inventory list is displayed along with respective node name, host information, logical slot, release number and state. Alarms The Alarms module receives SNMP traps and event logs from the Media Servers. MMS configures its host name/ip as SNMP Trap Destination in the Media Server as soon as node is discovered. This configuration enables the Media Server to send alarms as and when they are generated. Alarms are categorized according to the severity—critical, major, and minor. Two display modes supported: • Consolidated – List of all alarms active/cleared/acknowledged/unacknowledged • Active – Alarms that are active Manage The MMS Manage module also displays all discovered Media Server instances and provides organized Web access of the Media Server GUI management interfaces for performing configuration management of each individual Media Server in a dedicated browser tab. Dashboard The MMS Dashboard module periodically collects the statistics from the Media Servers using SNMP interface. A user can create and query statistics and use the dashboard to represent the statistics in tabular or graphical format. The dashboard allows users to configure a new database source and its connection details. The database stores alarms, and statistics related information. Users can then create custom queries to represent the Media Server statistics on the dashboards. The Data Explorer then allows you to export or download the dashboard data in a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file format. OSS/BSS MMS Media Server -VNF2 Media Server -VNF1 Media Server -VNF3 Vitualization Layer Virtual Storage Virtual Network Virtual DSP Virtual Computing Storage Hardware Network Hardware DSP Sled HW acceleration Computing Hardware NFVI Vi-Ha Vn-Nf VNF Manager(s) Virtualized Infrastructure Manager NFV Orchestrator NFV Management and Orchestration (MANO) Service, VNF, and Infrastructure Description NFV Instances NS Catalog NFVI Resources VNF Catalog VNfm-Vi Os-Nfvo VeEn-Vnfm Nfvo-Vi Nf-Vi VeNf-Vnfm NFV Service Orchestration Virtual Infrastructure VNFs and Management

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