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Maximize Customer Experience with 'In-Call' Speech Analytics - without Traditional Costs

“In-Call” Conversational Speech Analytics is Driving Improved Customer Experience (CX), Business Intelligence and Efficiencies in Contact Centers. You as an architect or a decision-maker at a Contact Center can benefit from the game changing 'In-Call' speech recognition and analytics technology, improving agent productivity and enhancing customer experience - all without incurring tremendous costs and inefficiencies that traditional speech processing solutions offer.

In this informative presentation, we explain the benefits of using a unique architecture where the media-processing platform is enhanced with embedded speech recognition, voice quality enhancement and a flexible framework with Open APIs to create innovative speech applications for mass-market contact center services.

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Use Cases: Radisys 'In-Call' Speech Services with Media Server
Use Cases: Radisys 'In-Call' Speech Services with Media Server

Use Cases in Radisys speech recognition In Call Voice Services Presentation