Evolving Broadband Business and Enterprise Service Delivery

Join Radisys at the BASe Webinar from Broadband Forum

February 22, 2022 10:00 am ET

The digital transformation of the connected world in the next decade will be driven by telecom/IP infrastructure evolution. We see the industry undergoing significant transformation with the enablement of advanced 5G technologies and services being delivered via disaggregated and cloud-native networking environments.  Broadband access network convergence will become an essential building block to advance the next waves of digital transformation.

No single access method could ever meet the user demand for faster, more reliable, and secure mobile connectivity and a seamless service experience.  Network convergence is needed and more attainable than some operators may imagine. 

This discussion will share details of how legacy fixed and wireless networks can transition to a smart converged network solution. We will explore how to enable a seamless and optimized experience independent of the user location, thereby improving the way we operate in a modern connected society while adopting next generation applications and services.

Register your free attendance to hear from Radisys expert and Technical Solutions Director, Prasad Kodaypak, on Network Convergence to Fuel Digital Transformation.

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