Designing and Deploying Cloud Native Open RAN

Open RAN is a new way for operators to build mobile network infrastructure. It brings interoperability, flexibility, automation and innovation to the RAN. To realize these benefits, operators need to pursue a cloud-native implementation that takes the best from the cloud and classic RAN worlds to create a new operating model.

This webinar traces the open RAN roadmap and identifies the key hardware and software technologies and integration capabilities needed to make cloud-native open RAN a reality.


Key topics include:

  • Why adopt containerized open RAN
  • Deployment example on Red Hat OpenShift and Intel FlexRAN
  • The benefits a cloud-native architecture brings to the RAN from L1 software and accelerator perspective
  • DU server performance requirements

Radisys head of Integrated Products and Ecosystems, Ganesh Shenbagaraman, is featured as a speaker. 

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