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2 RADISYS | Digital Communication and Engagement Evolution Challenges: Enhancing customer experience through digital engagements and applications that optimize business productivity presents a tremendous opportunity, but for those tasked with delivering these applications there are multiple challenges: Time to Market: Traditional media server solutions and customer engagement platforms can be expensive, lack deployment flexibility, or be constrained to a specific "silo," limiting the ability to support new or enhanced applications. Cost of Development: Many operators and developers no longer want the expense of developing and maintaining their own real time media processing and digital engagement solutions. This becomes a distraction from their core value proposition of application and use case creation. The Ability to Continuously Remain on the Cutting Edge: As business grows, scalability and NFV/Cloud deployment support become major focal points. Radisys Provides Flexible Platforms to Enable Digital Application Innovation and Engagement Media and digital engagement will be the cornerstone of revenue generating digital services—real-time and non-real time. The evolution of media server functions from tightly application- integrated to a disaggregated multi-service virtual network function is critical for the modernization of next generation communication networks. A standalone Media Server is a critical element in any network architecture. Our highly specialized capabilities will become your go-to building blocks for multiple different use cases. We have platforms for the future of Voice, Video, and Digital Engagement, and the APIs to enable you to incorporate these capabilities whenever and wherever they are needed. The Radisys Media Server is massively scalable and cloud ready—a media processing powerhouse serving a variety of roles including: an IMS/ VoLTE MRF, a sophisticated voice and video conference bridge, and a media processing platform for advanced applications. Through its embedded advanced capabilities: speech detection for command word recognition, voice analytics for biometric authentication and video analytics for "computer vision" (e.g. object detection or facial recognition) the Radisys Media Server enables a wide array of applications that require "on-demand" processing of media, while at the same time analyzing the media itself to adapt services, resources and more. Our virtualized and cloud ready solution supports processing large volumes of media and can be deployed at the network edge to optimize quality, latency and efficiency. Our software specializes in media processing – with voice and video quality enhancement features and specific optimizations to enable exceptional digital application experiences. Radisys delivers a common Media Server Platform that: • Is application independent, • Supports multiple applications on a single platform, • And delivers a unified application interface that can work with specialized external resources as needed (Natural Language Processors, Artificial Intelligence, etc.).

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