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RADISYS ENGAGE @ WORK SOLUTION BRIEF | Customer Care 2 Automate your Customer Care Customer care globally is shifting toward chat-based interactions. A survey of Facebook users across 13 global regions found that 70% of consumers greatly prefer messenger communication to calling or email. The study also found that 53% said they are more likely to shop with a business they can connect with via a chat app. Gartner predicts that messaging apps will grow 250% as a customer service channel from 2017-2022. Customers prefer talking to businesses via chatbots. 1,2 Engage@Work transforms how businesses engage with their customers through interactive person-to- person and application-to-person public and private channel-based messaging and content delivery. An efficient chat-based customer care solution, Engage@Work reduces the load placed on agents, particularly when chatbots are utilized. The integration of bots within a channel optimizes workflows as the bot addresses routine questions and fewer interactions are directed to customer care agents. As consumers engage with the public customer support channels, the chatbot responds, communicating in real-time. Simulaneously the bot connects with the CRM to track the customer's information. Global trends indicate that communications and customer support are becoming more automated. Customers are comfortable interacting with chatbots. Engage@Work equips service providers and enterprises with a simple web-based interface to implement and manage person-to-person and application-to-person message delivery with customers. Automate your customer care with Engage@ Work--the digital enagement solution that integrates with CRM systems, is feature-rich, bot-enabled and capable of managing millions of users. for Customer Care Interactive | Real Time | Simple | Secure 1. Facebook survey "More than a Message", (Australia, Brazil, France, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, S. Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, UAE, UK, US, Vietnam) 2. Gartner, Market Guide for Virtual Customer Assistants, 2017(US) Simplify your Customer Care Engage@Work transforms how businesses interact with their customers while facilitating secure and efficient communications between customers and contact center agents. A single Engage@Work application supports self-serve bots that can be customized through a web portal; it also contains software kits which enable text messaging and attachment sharing between the customer and agent. A powerful solution equipped with API connectors and intuitive administrative web portals, Engage@ Work can be deployed as a turnkey, white-labeled and fully customizable application or as a plug-n- play software development kit (SDK) that can be integrated into pre-existing Enterprise applications. Engage@Work offers a single extensible solution that brings together all communications and digital engagement under one application, helping enterprises to simplify their customer care.

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