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3 RADISYS SOLUTION BRIEF | Add the Power of Conversational AI and Speech Analytics to Voice and Video Communications However, the traditional approaches to in-call voice-enabled services that can "listen, interpret, and act" are complex and costly. The high Capex and Opex and the lack of in-house skills are prohibiting CSPs from incorporating cost-effective automation and voice intelligence with their communication services, leaving the mass market—a significant opportunity—untapped. Bring the Power of Actionable Speech Analytics to Voice & Video Communications with Engage In-Call Assistant With deployments in over 150 operators' networks globally, serving over 1.5 billion subscribers, Radisys is an industry leader in advanced media processing for real-time communication services (such as VoLTE, Unified Communications, Conferencing, Contact Center / Customer Service, and WebRTC). Radisys Engage is a communication and digital engagement platform—a software as a service (SaaS) solution—that supports many programmable conversational AI-based voice and video analytic services. The Engage In-Call Assistant delivers speech analytics as a service, combining the ability to process speech ranging from a limited vocabulary of keywords and commands to natural language interaction in the context of voice and video calls. It offers a much more cost-effective alternative to traditional advanced speech recognition (ASR) approaches and lowers the cost and complexity of deploying and maintaining multiple network elements. Challenges with Delivering Speech-Enabled In-Call Services Cost: Operational and capital costs for natural language speech recognition, transcription, and text-to-speech systems Complexity: Complexity of integration with telephony infrastructure and maintenance of multiple external network elements Quality: Ensuring accuracy of speech recognition for callers on the go and with unpredictable network conditions Privacy: Users can be wary of interacting with cloud service providers that have murky privacy policies. Reach: Locking into one cloud speech recognition solution can limit access to users who speak fewer common languages. Alice "Hey Sophie..." "Start recording" "Hey Sophie..." "Start transcribing

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