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6 RADISYS SOLUTION BRIEF | Add the Power of Conversational AI and Speech Analytics to Voice and Video Communications U S E C A S E 4: CO N V ER S AT I O N A L A N A LY T IC S F O R L I V E A S SIS TA N C E TO S U P P O RT AG EN T S Marketing is an area where in-call keyword detection can make a significant impact for communication providers. The Engage In-Call Assistant can be programmed to track certain words and phrases in conversations for real-time actions and post-call processing. The Engage In-Call Assistant solution's voice analytics element is entirely programmable, providing the means to capture, analyze and act based on target phrases "heard" during a call. For example, a caller mentioning the need to upgrade their phone or asking about a new product can automatically trigger an alert to the customer support agent to mention incentives on selected products. These automated alerts create sales opportunities for the business while enabling intelligent customer support for the agent that drives overall customer satisfaction. Similar capabilities can be used to assess the customer satisfaction scores, agent performance, customer interest in products and services, quality of a sales call and more. U S E C A S E 5: R E A L - T IM E L A N G UAG E T R A NSL AT IO N SERV IC E With in-call voice recognition using natural language processing, a business can quickly adapt the engagement to better support the customer. With the service "listening," it can detect an alternate language during a call and prompt that user if they prefer to "continue" using a different language, and automatically start using the different language. It is very natural for a person who does not speak a particular language to ask if the person speaks an alternative language. For example, an Italian speaker connecting to an English caller may ask "do you speak Italian?" Likewise, if the person knows that they need translations to English at all times, they say the wake-phrase "translate English" to instruct their personal assistant to either connect them with an English-speaking agent or use a real-time translator that converts the call to English. Each of these distinct approaches leverages the Engage In-Call Assistant system to detect either of the key phrases "translate English" or "speak Italian"—or French, German, Spanish, or any other programmed language—to begin providing automatic language translations for the requester. The Engage In-Call Assistant enables multi-language translations service that can provide accurate, real-

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