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2 RADISYS SOLUTION BRIEF | Radisys Engage Digital Platform Better Technologies Bring Better Communication and Digital Engagement Services Today's digitally powered economy is set to take off. By leveraging the high-bandwidth, low-latency network services, operators use APIs to expose their network services, allowing a vast community of new application developers to create new experiences without telephony infrastructure expertise. These APIs allow applications to exchange information with smartphones, websites, pay systems, M2M/IoT platforms, and messaging programs to provide tailored services to businesses and end-users. Reports Intellect, a market intelligence firm, forecasts double-digit revenue growth of 19.7% (from 2019 to 2025) in the global telecom API market. 1 From growth rates of 6.16% for Payment APIs to 28.24% for Messaging APIs, this new way to create unique services is powered by a communication platform as a service system. Application providers use cloud based CPaaS platforms to build engaging customer experiences that increase brand loyalty. With the rapid advance in fixed and wireless networks, such as 5G, service providers are in a position to leverage this new programmable communications paradigm to facilitate a new wave of innovation in real-time communications, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and Multi-access Edge Computing applications. Radisys believes that the open, API-based communication platform as a service enables network operators to leverage application developers' innovation using programmatic access to fixed and mobile network services. This ability to differentiate service offerings is one of the keys to maximizing the value of network investment. Likewise, this ability to customize applications gives network operators a leg up on the OTT competition; it helps consumers and businesses achieve their full potential as they adapt to the rapidly changing business conditions. Radisys' vision focuses on enabling operators worldwide to facilitate service innovation while reducing network infrastructure investments and operational costs. Radisys Engage Digital Platform provides a uniform CPaaS platform with developer tools that abstract the complexities of underlying network infrastructure. Rather than relying on just voice-first capabilities, service providers powered by the Engage Digital Platform can open their networks to the innovation of Artificial Intelligence, Speech Analytics, and Computer Vision and create unique applications that will attract and retain consumers and business enterprises. Radisys' Engage Digital Platform empowers service providers to expand into a digital experience provider and expose their network capabilities, service assurance, and local market presence, to the community of software developers globally, estimated at nearly 20M and growing.

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