Engage@Work: One Solution – Multiple Applications

By: Al Balasco

Radisys has launched Engage@Work – an innovative real-time communication and digital engagement mobile application for businesses and affinity groups. It completely changes how businesses communicate and collaborate with customers and employees.

It is the perfect platform for communications service providers (CSPs) to leverage brand and customer relationships, to serve business customers of all sizes cost effectively, and from their cloud. It’s also a tool for CSPs’ business interactions with their consumers.

Engage@Work supports communication, content and commerce under one umbrella. I’d like to highlight four applications that will benefit from Engage@Work. Just one solution – does all of this!  

Employee Engagement – Secure and Scalable

Today’s work culture isn’t conducive to pulling everyone into a conference room for a company update. Geographic dispersion of employees, a growing work-from-home culture, and email overload requires a new communications tool that shares important information with employees in a secure and reliable manner in a format that cuts through the clutter.

Engage@Work gives employees a single “follow me anywhere” application that keeps all their business communications and information right at hand. Group messaging, collaboration tools, voice calling, and HD video conferencing capabilities can be pushed directly to any mobile device to make sure employees have access to the information they need at any time, regardless of their location. While public channels can be followed by all employees, a company can also create private channels to ensure secure internal communications are only received by the intended employees. Engage@Work can be hosted by service providers in their private clouds or supported as a managed service in their enterprise customer networks.

Customer Care – Automate and Simplify

In our “always-on” world, consumers expect the fastest, highest-quality customer care. And businesses want to deliver support in the most cost-effective way, automating interactions where possible and focusing on high-touch engagement where it has the highest impact on customer sales, retention and satisfaction. Globally, customer care is shifting toward chat-based interactions. A survey of Facebook users across 13 regions found that 70 percent of consumers prefer instant communication to calling or email. It also found that 53 percent said they are more likely to shop with a business that they can connect with via chat.

Being an efficient, chat-based customer care solution, Engage@Work reduces the work load placed on customer service agents, while increasing accuracy. As consumers engage with public customer support channels, the chatbot responds, communicating in real-time. Simultaneously, the bot connects with the CRM to track the customer’s information for future use if needed. Conversations can seamlessly escalate to agent chat for personalized support for issues or questions that can’t be resolved in an automated way.

Engage@Work integrates with back-end CRM systems to simplify secure, efficient communications between customers and agents. For example, a software kit enables text messaging and attachment sharing between customers and agents. Also, self-serve bots can be customized in a web portal. It’s secure, reliable, and accurate communications whenever and wherever your customers need you.

Community Engagement – Immersive and Interactive

When you need to share the latest news or send information to a group, timeliness and accuracy are the top goals. Sending a mass email or using social media doesn’t always fit these needs. You want a communications solution that is secure and reliable, but also convenient.

Engage@Work’s one-to-one or one-to-many broadcast capabilities help you quickly and easily deliver customized experiences for your community. Community or group organizers can broadcast information to their entire channel, while followers can respond back to the one-to-one – reducing spam and supporting more personalized communications.

It’s ideal for groups like hospitals, municipalities, college campuses, and sports leagues and more to use one application to highlight community activities, announce policy changes, broadcast key deadline or dates, or advertise special promotions.  

Brand Marketing – As Distinctive as Your Brand

Customers have lots of options, and your brand needs to speak to them in a compelling way. Engage@Work is a first-of-its kind application which can be also be distinguished with your brand.

Engage@Work helps you build authentic and targeted connections with your audiences in ways that texting and social media cannot match. For example, brands can send promotional messages to users over chat. These messages can have “calls to action” for efficient conversations, and they can also include discounts or special promotions for customers to encourage continued engagement.

At Radisys, we’re excited by this new, extensible solution that brings together efficient and effective communications and digital engagement for the mobile business community in one application. I encourage you to learn more at www.radisys.com/engage/engageatwork or contact sales@radisys.com to find out how you can try Engage@Work in your own organization.

About the Author

Al Balasco

Al Balasco is the Head of Media, Core and Applications Business. Prior to his current role, he was the Sr. Director of Product Management for the Media Server business. Before joining Radisys in October 2010, Al was the Director of Product Management in Avaya Inc.’s Unified Communications business unit where he was responsible for the delivery of a variety of collaboration solutions and partnerships. Prior to Avaya, Mr. Balasco was the Vice President of Product Management at Spectel and was instrumental in defining the company’s VOIP conferencing and collaboration strategy. He also served as Director of Marketing for Sonexis Inc. and Director of Product Management at Brooktrout Software. Mr. Balasco has over 25 years of product management, business development and marketing experience in the telecommunications industry and has an MBA from Northeastern University in Boston.

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