Let's Talk about Re-Aggregation: Bringing Together Disaggregated RAN Components to Create Open and Agile Networks

Neeraj Patel

A key concept that will help meet the higher capacity and lower latency demands of the 5G network is disaggregation. By adopting network disaggregation principles, mobile operators can choose the best combination of hardware and software components from a multi-vendor ecosystem, and can realize cost savings and increase efficiencies and deployment flexibility.

However, disaggregation, by definition, means that pieces of the network come from a variety of manufacturers. The advantages of disaggregation are great, but they create challenges if your job is to plan, build, or operate a network. Also, integrating all of the components is often a lengthy and difficult process.

Radisys Solves the Challenge of Open Systems Integration

To meet the challenges of disaggregation, we have created the Radisys Open Digital Framework (ODF) – designed to enable the re-aggregation of the disaggregated RAN components. The ODF is comprised of a robust set of software assets, ecosystem partners and integration services. The Radisys ODF:

  • Focuses on the required design, integration, testing, and certification of a multi-vendor architecture that is the result of an open, disaggregated RAN.
  • Enables mobile operators to easily integrate components of the disaggregated RAN to create an open and agile network.
  • Builds on the principle that a modern digital platform must be software-defined, programmable, and built with flexible, open hardware.
  • Helps drive lower total costs while maximizing network performance.

Our ODF represents the combined capability of more than 4000 skilled professionals with deep industry expertise in building software-defined networks and operating them with a high level of automation and flexibility. In addition, we leverage our strategic partners’ solutions that span the R/U, CU/DU, and the Edge in order to create a robust and agile multi-vendor open RAN environment.

An Environment for Increased Efficiencies and Reduced Costs

The Radisys ODF offers mobile operators a framework and integration experience to help them re-aggregate the disaggregated RAN. By providing a proven set of methodologies, software and pre-integrated components that meet industry standards, Radisys is creating an environment that accelerates the design, integration, testing, and certification of a multi-vendor network architecture designed to meet telco performance requirements.

The result is the ability to create a digital platform that enables mobile operators to seamlessly offer enterprise, industrial and residential services with increased efficiencies and lower costs.

For more information on our Open Development Framework, contact sales@radisys.com.

About the Author

Neeraj Patel

Neeraj Patel serves as Vice President of Solutions & GM, Software & Services. He has held numerous management positions within the company, including sales, business development and product line management. He brings 20 years of telecom experience with expertise in various RAN technologies. He joined Radisys in 2011 as part of the acquisition of Continuous Computing. Prior to this, he was with Intel and Trillium where he was involved in company strategy, product management, corporate marketing and sales development in highly competitive as well as greenfield markets. Neeraj holds a Masters in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California.

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