Radisys' Engage Intelligent Virtual Assistant Wins TMCnet Voice Technology Excellence Award

March 30, 2023

TMCnet has named Radisys' Engage Intelligent Virtual Assistant as a 2023 Voice Technology Excellence Award winner.

Radisys’ Engage Intelligent Virtual Assistant (EIVA) offers self-service automation that both reduces operational costs and creates a pleasant, friendly and informative customer experience. Using Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and AI-based voice processing, EIVA quickly establishes a positive demeanor with a customer to create a smooth experience and personalized interaction. Engaging customers with their name and providing personalized messages can create a richer and deeper interaction that has a high potential for building trust and loyalty resulting in higher customer retention. 

Radisys’ EIVA leverages AI-driven intelligent automation to respond to FAQ-oriented engagements without any need for a customer to speak to an agent. Intelligent automation delivers a consistent and controllable response to customer questions while preserving high-value subject matter experts for handling issues that require human interaction. 

The personalized experience of EIVA is not bounded by coffee breaks or personal time off. The ability to deliver the correct and accurate response at any time of day, on any day of the year builds loyalty with customers. Furthermore, the cost-effective cloud-based scalability of EIVA allows it to grow to meet business needs. The efficiency of handling these types of calls also drives a significant increase in call center productivity, as EIVA can manage hundreds of questions simultaneously.

Learn more about Engage Intelligent Virtual Assistant.

Read the 2023 Voice Technology Excellence Awards Press Release from TMCnet.

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