Radisys Provides Integral AR/VR Experience for Collaborative TM Forum Catalyst “Ready Telco One” Project

Drives speech enablement for hands-free interactions in “gamification” project designed to deepen Service Providers’ customer engagement offerings   

HILLSBORO, OR, U.S. – July 15, 2020Radisys® Corporation, a global leader of open telecom solutions, today announced it has partnered with a number of industry leaders in a collaborative project as part of the TM Forum’s Catalyst “Ready Telco One” program. The “Ready Telco One” project is designed to help simplify a customer’s digital life while improving communication service providers (CSPs) engagement with and retention of customers. Championed by Orange Group and Orange Poland, KDDI and Ncell, the Ready Telco One Catalyst project shows how CSPs can monetize new 5G services augmented by AI and VR, without having to create them on their own.

As a member of the Ready Telco One team, Radisys is providing the speech-enabled user interaction intelligence and virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) foundation for the Catalyst project. The Ready Telco One Catalyst project will be showcased online in the TM Forum’s interactive Catalyst Digital Showcase on July 16, 2020.


  • CSPs’ interactions with their customers often revolve around solving issues and lacks opportunity for more creative engagement scenarios with their customer base. CSPs are looking for new ways to monetize their 5G networks by increasing customer engagement opportunities with hard-won customers, while becoming central to their customers’ digital lifestyles.
  • Today’s customers are seeking to simplify their digital life as they deal with a growing list of loyalty programs, each with their own app, which can limit its value and relevance. In addition, they desire new personalized experiences while increasing the value they receive from ever-increasing interactions with their preferred brands.   
  • The “Ready Telco One” Catalyst project offers a radical new approach to redefine the relationship between CSPs, their partners, and customers. This Catalyst project demonstrates how CSPs can deliver dynamically personalized 5G services based on AI-driven customer context and incorporate third-party service offerings, all consolidated under a single bill. Using this groundbreaking game-style approach, customers can unlock premiere services, discounts and improve their loyalty status through an optimized AI-driven digital experience. The gamification increases customer’s engagement with the platform while providing CSPs with a greater understanding of trends in customer behavior, allowing them to deliver additional relevant services and experiences.
  • Radisys’ Engage Communication and Digital Engagement platform powers the virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) for the user interaction portion of the project and provides extensive tools that enable CSPs to deliver real-time communication solutions to enhance their customers’ digital journeys. The project will demonstrate Engage Media Server’s capability to deliver HD video streams, speech recognition and intent mapping, and video image overlays in a full user interactive session.
  • The Engage platform enhances the AI-driven journey with a virtual voice assistant integrated within the AR/ VR experience which enables hands-free customer interaction with the application to request information and take action. Intent and sentiment analysis of the customer's voice and expressions ensures the customer is having a positive experience and identifies additional opportunities to give personalized offers to drive desired actions. 
  • The Ready Telco One project also relies on partner onboarding from Comviva, customer journey management, analytics and revenue management from Netcracker, and gamification and AI in the form of machine learning from Microsoft.
  • TM Forum’s Catalyst program provides a unique collaborative environment where companies from around the globe work together to create solutions to key industry challenges. Over 30 Catalyst teams are slated to demonstrate their proof-of-concept work at Digital Transformation World in October.
  • The full Ready Telco One Catalyst project and demonstration will be presented live on July 16, 2020 from 2:45 PM - 3:15 PM CEST and can be watched here: https://inevent.com/en/TMForum-1588605874/catalyst-digital-showcase/hotsite.php.

“Radisys is excited to participate in the Ready Telco One Catalyst project,” said Adnan Saleem, Radisys’ Chief Architect and Technology Development Director. “The Ready Telco One project shows how CSPs can deliver cutting-edge digital customer experiences with 5G. We are pleased to work with our partners on this project and provide the user-interaction delivery engine with our Engage platform that enables the AR/VR interactions and can help improve the customer experience and increase customer retention.”

About Radisys

Radisys is a global leader in open telecom solutions and services. Its disaggregated platforms and integration services leverage open reference architectures and standards combined with open software and hardware, enabling service providers to drive open digital transformation. Radisys offers an end-to-end solutions portfolio from digital end points, to disaggregated and open access and core solutions, to immersive digital applications and engagement platforms. Its world-class and experienced network services organization delivers full lifecycle services to help service providers build and operate highly scalable and high-performance networks at optimum total cost of ownership. For more information, visit www.Radisys.com.



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