The Stratosphere’s the Limit: Radisys Joins the HAPS Alliance to Bridge the Digital Divide

February 11, 2021 Natasha Tamaskar

Over the last year, we have relied on digital connections to maintain professional and personal relationships. In order to fully participate in the world today, people require broadband speeds to access HD video conferencing, gaming, telehealth, video streaming and other critical applications that supported working and learning from home. While most urban citizens have access to high-speed internet connections, people who live in rural areas are often challenged to gain access to the speeds they need in order to participate in a remote workforce and to support online learning.

In support of eliminating this digital divide in rural and emerging regions, we have joined the High Altitude Platform Station (HAPS) Alliance – an association that shares our vision to connect people across the globe in an effort to deliver boundless digital connectivity.

The HAPS Alliance was founded in February 2020 to support the endeavors of mobile operators and the telecommunications, technology, aviation and aerospace industries as they unite to promote and regulate HAPS in the stratosphere. Its innovative approach promotes the use of high altitude vehicles in the Earth’s stratosphere, and it aims to harness all of the commercial possibilities that the stratosphere has to offer.  

Radisys has supported the communication needs of service providers that are delivering mobile broadband services over satellite through the licensing of our 4G/5G source code for a number of years now. Satellite communications have unique latency and security considerations and present different challenges than terrestrial based solutions. Through our source code licensing model, OEMs and service providers are able to work with us to implement the necessary changes to the 3GPP standard to create mobile broadband solutions suited for satellite communications, while remaining compliant with industry standards.

Radisys is committed to developing innovative solutions that are focused on connecting people in unserved and underserved regions. We offer open telecom solutions focused on mobile and fixed networks that enable service providers to disaggregate their networks, decoupling hardware from software to maximize scalability and cost effectiveness. By combining 5G small cells with open broadband networks and high altitude platforms, service providers can provide additional coverage to bridge the digital divide.

Joining the HAPS Alliance is just one more way that Radisys is committed to ensuring that everyone around the globe has the mobile broadband internet access needed to thrive in our digital world.


About the Author

Natasha Tamaskar

Natasha heads corporate & product marketing and sales strategy for Radisys. Named last year as one of the Global Telecoms Business “50 Women to Watch,” Natasha brings nearly 20 years of telecom industry experience with particular expertise in product and corporate marketing, product strategy and business development for cloud, SDN/NFV, wireless and security solutions. Prior to Radisys, as the VP of Cloud Strategy, she was responsible for GENBAND's PaaS strategy and business development. Natasha also spearheaded and launched several of GENBAND’s key strategic solutions including Wireless Gateway, Network Security and WebRTC as the VP of Strategic Marketing. Natasha holds a Ph.D. in Computational Physics from the Liquid Crystal Institute at Kent State University.

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