Radisys Bows New PON Platform for Fiber Roll-outs of all Sizes

Radisys is out of the starting block with a new disaggregated passive optical network (PON) platform to help service providers bring services to market at a faster rate. Radisys' Connect Open Broadband embraces disaggregation by separating the software from the underlying hardware. Connect Open Broadband was constructed using the Open Networking Foundation's SEBA and VOLTHA reference architectures.

The Open Networking Foundation's SDN Enabled Broadband Access (SEBA) platform describes how to assemble a collection of open source components to build a virtualized PON network to deliver residential broadband and mobile backhaul. SEBA uses a disaggregated white-box approach for building next-generation access networks by using open source.

With SEBA, functionality that traditionally ran on chassis-based OLTs and on BNG routers is run in the cloud while the hardware is a collection of white-box optical line terminals (OLTs), switches and servers. SEBA blends together the collection of open source hardware and software into a comprehensive platform that exposes northbound FCAPS interfaces, making it easier to integrate a SEBA POD with an operator’s OSS/BSS system.

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