On the Go: Radisys Supports the CBRS Alliance

July 29, 2019 Neeraj Patel

On the Go: Radisys Supports the CBRS Alliance

By Neeraj Patel

As the amount of IoT devices and the demand for mobile data continues to climb, licensed networks don’t have the capacity to adequately meet connectivity needs for billions of connected devices. That’s where the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) comes in. The CBRS Alliance supports the development, commercialization and adoption of LTE solutions for the shared 3.5 GHz CBRS band in the U.S. and has launched the OnGo™ brand and certification program for the productization of devices and services. OnGo allows for seamless interoperability and high performance for all network components. At Radisys, we fully support the CBRS Alliance’s mission and have contributed our Test Harness software tool to the certification program.

In an effort to move away from overcrowded traditional LTE networks, the OnGo program supports the development of private, unlicensed networks that take some of the burden off of licensed networks. OnGo gives mobile carriers, neutral host service providers, cable operators, wireless internet service providers (WISPs), and enterprises a chance to unite to create new business models in the wireless industry to deal with increased network demands.

Radisys and OnGo

The CBRS Alliance has plenty of interested parties, but none of these exciting opportunities will come to fruition without performing extensive testing to ensure that these OnGo certified products are truly interoperable. Radisys has contributed to the OnGo Certification Program by providing an Automated Citizens Broadband Radio Service Device (CBSD) Certification Test Harness. The CBRS Alliance’s Authorized Test Laboratories are using the Test Harness to support the evaluation and certification of CBSD and Spectrum Access System (SAS) as OnGo Ready.

Radisys’ contribution supports the development of an open, robust ecosystem of interoperable certified OnGo devices and the acceleration of CBRS commercialization and market adoption in shared spectrum. The Test Harness software tool allows Alliance member companies to test and integrate OnGo technology while simultaneously simplifying the compliance and validation process. This program supports interoperability between vendors and gives manufacturers the chance to test for quality assurance before products go to market.

Who benefits from OnGo certification?

The OnGo Certification Program has defined a set of standards that enterprises can utilize with the assurance that OnGo certified products will measure up to the performance and interoperability their users demand. OnGo delivers connectivity in a cost efficient, customizable and effective manner that allows users to tailor their network to their specific needs, based on the space they’re working in. These shared spectrum networks are attracting carriers both big and small, thanks to the ability to augment their existing service through CBRS Priority Access Licenses or General Authorized Access Licenses.

For Neutral Host service providers and enterprises, CBRS small cell-based private LTE networks are the ideal solution because of the low-cost, reliable performance and flexibility that these networks offer. In the vendor community, CBRS appeals to Wi-Fi vendors that want to invest in additional spectrum to expand their network’s capacity and coverage. Finally, from a consumer standpoint, new CBRS-enabled technology such as handsets is already on the market and others are expected to follow.

Making Some Room

The CBRS Alliance is essentially making room for more opportunities, better connectivity, and reliable services. The OnGo Certification Program distinguishes certified products that mobile carriers, neutral host service providers, cable operators, wireless internet service providers (WISPs), and enterprises can trust when deploying private LTE for industrial IoT. Radisys’ CBSD Test Harness software serves as a crucial tool that enables the OnGo Certification testing, leading to a wide array of products that are joining the CBRS ecosystem while paving the path to 5G.

To learn more about Radisys’ CBSD Test Harness contribution, view our solution brief.



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