Open and Disaggregated Broadband Access - a Winning Strategy, Available Now

July 27, 2020

Disaggregation is not a new concept; it is often a natural consequence of industry maturity and has been successfully adopted in a wide range of industries, such as in enterprise data centers.

Renowned Harvard Business School Professor and author Clayton Christensen said, “During the early stages of an industry, when the functionality and reliability of a product isn’t yet adequate to meet customers’ needs, a proprietary solution is almost always the right solution - because it allows you to knit all the pieces together in an optimized way. But once the technology matures and becomes good enough, industry standards emerge. That leads to the standardization of interfaces, which lets companies specialize on pieces of the overall system, and the product becomes modular. At that point, the competitive advantage of the early leader dissipates...”

Read the complete article by Radisys SVP Head of Broadband Access, Harris Razak, via The Fast Mode

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Radisys Connect Broadband Access Controller Datasheet


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