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FlowEngine Brochure

Radisys FlowEngine TDE 2000

Fast, Open & Secure


At A Glance

Data traffic is exploding on carrier mobile, fixed-line and MSO networks. Mobile operators are moving towards Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) to enable higher network capacities to support this traffic and minimize their operating expenditures. Elastic scaling is a central need for Virtual Network Functions (VNFs), and with higher scaling requirements, a turnkey solution is needed for network packet brokering and load balancing.

The FlowEngine TDE-2000 is a High Density L2-L5 networking device which helps service providers to scale with agility, and reduce the network complexity associated with large scale SDN and NFV deployments.

The FlowEngine TDE-2000 is designed to operate in both data center and telecommunications environments that demand high network throughput, scalability and guaranteed performance in a small form factor. The Flow Engine delivers 2.0 Tbps L2-L3 and 600 Gbps of bidirectional flow-based intelligent load balancing with additional capacity for L4-L5 user services.



FlowEngine – Service Delivery Benefits for Carrier Networks

Service Function Chaining (SFC):

The need for rapid service creation and on-demand scaling requires a solution which can help compose services by chaining network functions.

The FlowEngine enables core network agility through service function chaining (SFC). Service Function Chaining is an architectural tenet which helps achieve these goals:

  • Program through Control plane using OpenFlow

  • Dynamically created SFC – independent of network topology and type of packet header (NSH / non-NSH)

  • Deployment of services as per demand, add/remove new service functions without disruption

  • Service function chaining with high throughput and low latency


Load Balancing:

Network Scale requires flexible and efficient load balancing between Virtual Network Functions. The FlowEngine provides enhanced load balancing capabilities to meet service delivery needs.

The FlowEngine implements efficient load balancing algorithms to provide operators programmable access to load balancing policies and access control rules. This applies equally to control plane and data plane load balancing in the network.



Service Function Chaining with Load Balancing





Network Tapping, Security & Packet Brokering

The FlowEngine provides enhances network security and compliance. Key capabilities that are delivered include the following:


  • Forward all or selected flows in real time to security devices and services

  • Drop flows on a per-subscriber, per-user, VLAN, application, source or destination

  • A mechanism to monitor the data center traffic to export flow records in IPFIX format to collectors for application analytics.

  • Enable Lawful Interception for horizontal services

  • Forward selected flows to external networks for analysis or archive.

  • Processing IP fragments in traffic received on the front panel ports and tracking them against the correct flow.









    Key Operational Benefits

    Easier Troubleshooting – Through open interfaces, management systems integration and logging.

    Less Power & Cooling – Green product with lesser power footprint, hence reducing OPEX

    Less Footprint – Pizza box design, easily mountable in existing rack locations

    Management Simplicity – YANG compliant, NETCONF interfaces, RESTful APIs, OpenFlow compliant.

    High Throughput – Delivery high data plane performance and millions of flows



  • The FlowEngine is an essential ingredient for carriers to make their networks faster, agile and secure.

  • An open API based solution with a wide range of choices, the FlowEngine blends into the network and provides ease of integration and network management.

  • Enables NFV and SDN based network transformation solutions through load balancing and network security

  • Acts as a catalyst for service creation and chaining in the data center and carrier networks

  • High performance, low footprint solution with ease of deployment and manageability.



Radisys Product Enquiries:

Rishi Raj Maulick,

Senior Product Line Manager, Flow Engine


About Radisys

Radisys, a global leader in open telecom solutions, enables service providers to drive disruption with new open architecture business models. Radisys’ innovative disaggregated and virtualized enabling technology solutions leverage open reference architectures and standards, combined with open software and hardware to power business transformation for the telecom industry, while its world-class services organization delivers systems integration expertise necessary to solve communications and content providers’ complex deployment challenges. For more information, visit www.Radisys.com.

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