How Radisys Transforms Telcos into Digital Service Providers

March 2, 2022

Technologies enabling vendors to win against nimble young providers.

In 2001, at a San Jose wireless conference, a speaker made an astute observation: we tend to overestimate what technology can do in five years. But we underestimate what it can do in 10.

Today, slow 2G networks are history. 5G, WiFi 6 and artificial intelligence compress 5-year innovation cycles into months. The nimble organization disrupts those on the straight and steady path.

Radisys and its Engage Digital Platform (EDP) is for the nimble.

Advantage CSP

Radisys Engage Digital is a digital communications platform. EDP technology is built on the industry-leading media processing technologies that Radisys has delivered to support communication applications for over 200 operators serving over 1.5 billion subscribers. And now it’s available to CSPs, systems integrators, and innovative SW developers the world over.

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