Bringing Virtual Events to “Life” with Engage Video Assistant

October 9, 2020 Natasha Tamaskar

Before the COVID-19 pandemic necessitated a mass migration from in-person events and tradeshows to a completely digital structure, live conferences were a primary resource for lead generation. They served as a foundation for companies and brands to create lasting relationships with their customers. 

With the majority of events taking place online, the digital atmosphere is flooded with virtual conferences attempting to generate strong leads and enduring customer relations. Many of these new online conferences feature “exhibit booths,” which allow companies to display video presentations, product images and PDF brochure downloads, often in exchange for a customer’s contact information. While this type of information gathering helps both the customer and exhibiting companies, it doesn’t offer the human interaction, and in turn, the memorable connection that attendees experience at a traditional tradeshow. It opens a question of how technology can create a unique and genuine human connection and deliver a truly interactive experience within a virtual conference. 

Fortunately, innovation is booming in the Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) space, leading to technologies that can offer incredibly personalized and compelling engagements. Virtual bots like Radisys’ Engage Video Assistant (EVA) can provide a unique video-based personal interaction missing from these online events and exhibits. This AI-powered bot features video, voice, and text capabilities for a premium omnichannel experience.

Companies can leverage the virtual assistant in various ways in their digital booth, including a personalized greeting from the CEO, an FAQ with product experts, watching a product demonstration and asking questions about the product in real-time, and more. 

For virtual event organizers, EVA can also be deployed as a service to differentiate their event platforms’ personalized engagement capabilities in a crowded field of two-dimensional virtual conferences. By offering EVA’s robust personalized video capabilities as an additional service for different exhibitor packages, event organizers can generate additional revenue. The Engage Video Assistant is designed to support a large number of interactions simultaneously. Its simple interface allows organizers to provide exhibitors with the tools to easily create their own dynamic video bot for improved customer interaction, interactive FAQs, and lead generation.

The Benefits of Leveraging EVA After Your Events

Besides invigorating the online event experiences, the video assistant can also be effective for increasing revenue as sales teams rethink customer engagement and lead generation after the event is over. These teams need tools to connect with their prospects on a personal level and at scale. With a single EVA bot, a salesperson could reach out to a number of qualified contacts to deliver a high-touch, personalized, interactive message. By using EVA to offer high-touch campaigns in this way, sales and marketing teams can maximize their efforts to develop highly qualified leads, create sales opportunities, and boost sales.

While we may need to continue to adapt to different approaches to customer engagement, using innovative solutions like EVA will enable us to retain some of the “human touch” that helps connect us all. 

To learn more about Engage Video Assistant’s capabilities, watch a video, read the white paper, and request a demonstration today. 

About the Author

Natasha Tamaskar

Natasha heads corporate & product marketing and sales strategy for Radisys. Named last year as one of the Global Telecoms Business “50 Women to Watch,” Natasha brings nearly 20 years of telecom industry experience with particular expertise in product and corporate marketing, product strategy and business development for cloud, SDN/NFV, wireless and security solutions. Prior to Radisys, as the VP of Cloud Strategy, she was responsible for GENBAND's PaaS strategy and business development. Natasha also spearheaded and launched several of GENBAND’s key strategic solutions including Wireless Gateway, Network Security and WebRTC as the VP of Strategic Marketing. Natasha holds a Ph.D. in Computational Physics from the Liquid Crystal Institute at Kent State University.

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