Broadband’s Promising Future: Scalability, Affordability and Reliability

July 26, 2022 Hans-Joerg Kolbe

While presenting on the evolution of broadband networks during the FTTH Conference 2022 in Vienna, I realized that there are some parallels we can draw between the great city of Vienna with what is happening in the broadband industry. Vienna was being promoted as “a city with a glorious past and a promising future.” The same can be said about broadband. 

Like Vienna, broadband technology has also evolved over the last decades and its future has never been more promising. The success of broadband is why we gathered at the FTTH Conference – and building more broadband networks will make the world a better place as we bring connectivity to all. Broadband’s promising future lies in open and disaggregated networks. 

From Radisys’ perspective, we have five key principles of what “open” means. 



By using standards-based commoditized hardware, open-source software, and open architectures, broadband service providers can begin to realize the benefits of an interoperable multi-vendor ecosystem. 

Disaggregation enables broadband service providers with the ability to think more broadly. Disaggregation is really about breaking systems down into pieces of reasonable size, thereby creating much more open and manageable systems that allow service providers to more easily scale their networks to fit customers’ needs. Meanwhile, openness and disaggregation create an opportunity to build a more universal community and to collaborate toward achieving the industry’s collective goals of creating more reliable, affordable, and sustainable systems. 

I encourage you to check out my talk to learn more about how open and disaggregated networks are driving broadband’s promising future: FTTH Conference 2022 – Panel 13.

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Hans-Joerg Kolbe

Hans-Joerg brings 22 years of experience in fixed and mobile broadband networking and IT systems, as well as being one of the founders of the Access 4.0 program at Deutsche Telekom.

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