CPaaS Applications Within the Healthcare Industry

July 14, 2023 Ralph Page

Recently, I had the opportunity to participate alongside fellow telecommunications colleagues in a CPaaS Acceleration Alliance panel discussion to explore the importance of CPaaS technology in reinventing and transforming patient care in the healthcare industry.

At Radisys, we have been developing media processing technology for over 20 years and have leveraged this experience to create the Engage Digital Platform (EDP), an all-in-one CPaaS platform that powers voice and video processing for real-time communication applications, speech recognition and media analytics through simple to use APIs and SDKs. We’ve been working directly with healthcare professionals to transform communication platforms across the industry and deliver an improved experience for patients and medical professionals alike.

Using Radisys’ EDP, we have created healthcare-specific applications to improve patient experiences while enhancing healthcare professionals’ capabilities to efficiently provide care for their patients. One example of this can be seen in the increase in remote consultations during the pandemic, where doctors often communicated with their patients over mobile devices. During the pandemic, patients received calls from healthcare professionals in situations where they may or may not have been prepared to discuss their private health information. By using EDP to create virtual waiting rooms and consultation environments, we have helped to enhance the privacy and reliability of virtual patient care. Patients schedule their preferred appointment times through EDP’s voice or video chatbot and, during the appointment time, both patients and doctors are given a link to a virtual video environment where they can easily log in and join a virtual waiting room. When the doctor joins, they can consult with the patient using their video cameras and discuss medical information in a secure and reliable environment.

While developing the virtual consultation application, we noticed that doctors would immediately take notes following these consultations, taking up additional time in a doctor’s busy schedule. To solve this, we used EDP’s transcription API to create highlights of the call that can go directly into a patient’s medical records, providing the doctor with clear notes on a patient’s health. We subsequently noticed the difficulties that arise when medical professionals need to communicate with patients who speak different languages. By installing Radisys’ EDP translation widget in the user interface of our virtual consultation application, we enabled doctors to translate their speech or their patient’s speech quickly and efficiently, establishing a simple-to-follow, multilingual conversation. Each application is built upon the existing EDP platform to easily expand and meet the needs of the healthcare industry – creating a simple-to-use healthcare platform that has continued to improve and meet doctors’ and patients’ needs.

We are excited to see the expanded applications of CPaaS and media processing within the healthcare industry. As this technology continues to grow, so do the applications. For example, with today’s technology, we can use video cameras to detect when a patient has fallen or is unconscious. With the evolution of media processing technology within the healthcare industry, we will soon be able to detect when a patient is experiencing certain emergency symptoms, such as shortness of breath, on a live video call and notify the doctor. The applications for diagnostic and preventative medicine alone are truly exciting and we at Radisys are pleased to take part in delivering the future of patient care.

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