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July 7, 2021 Natasha Tamaskar

Gamification isn’t new. It’s been around in various forms since 2008 or so. Adapting game-style elements and adding them to various tasks has become so common that we almost don’t think about it anymore. From a simple point-style system at your favorite coffee shop, achievement badges in a language learning app, or a reminder on your watch to meet your step-goals for the day, gamification is practically everywhere. 

Gamification works because it taps into both our competitive nature and our desire to enjoy tasks, even mundane ones. For as long as humans have been competing, or as long as parents have tried to figure out creative ways to get kids to eat vegetables, we have been using games to challenge ourselves and others to change, improve and even connect more deeply. 

Monetizing 5G services 
While gamification isn’t new, it is about to level up thanks to 5G. It’s no secret that 5G will deliver immense benefits to customers, from faster speeds to new 5G-enriched services like augmented reality (AR) and voice-activated interfaces, all of which are perfectly suited to enhance applications with a gamification approach. Through the use of gamification principles, mobile operators are in a unique position to establish themselves as the center of a cross-platform loyalty hub where customers can link their various affinity, loyalty and rewards programs they use daily into one easy-to-access centralized application.

5G gives operators a range of opportunities to begin moving from being the data pipeline connection for customers’ digital lifestyles to becoming the heart of it while monetizing new, personalized services. 5G’s lower latency allows operators to provide innovative experiences to their customers that can increase customer engagements in new ways while strengthening customer loyalty like never before.

To successfully monetize new services, operators must leverage 5G technologies to deliver enhanced end-user experiences through increased hyper-personalized interactions. This personalization, powered by AI/ML, provides operators and a partner ecosystem with behavioral data that helps optimize and improve recommendations. By using AI and context-driven ML, operators can dynamically engage with their customers and recommend new 5G-enriched services.

Radisys is ready
Recently, Radisys joined with Orange, KDDI, Ncel and several other industry leaders to demonstrate how a gamification approach could be leveraged by mobile operators to increase customer engagement and retention. The “Ready Telco One” project, part of TM Forum’s Catalyst, highlights how operators can deliver dynamically personalized 5G services based on AI-driven customer context and shows how CSPs can monetize new 5G services augmented by AI and VR, without having to create them on their own.

The scenario in the “Ready Telco One” project focuses on the operators’ unique position to offer a centralized platform that combines customers’ loyalty programs, social media applications, games and personal preferences, all of which allow operators to engage with the customer in new, interactive ways. More importantly, the application, while engaging and fun for the customer, enables operators to gain deeper insights into customer behavior to better monetize complex bundles and new service offerings.

The project leverages Radisys’ Engage Communication and Digital Engagement platform for the AI-driven portion of the customer’s journey. Engage Media Server’s capability to deliver HD video streams, speech recognition and intent mapping powers a virtual voice assistant integrated within the AR/ VR experience. Using Engage Media Servers integrated natural language processing the application seamlessly enables hands-free customer interaction with the application to request information and take action.

The Ready Telco One project also relies on Comviva’s solution for partner onboarding and customer journey management, Netcracker’s analytics and revenue management, and Microsoft’s AI/ML solutions power the gamification aspects. 

By adopting a gamification approach to customer engagement, operators can take advantage of the new opportunities 5G provides to increase customer loyalty and monetize a number of 5G-enriched services. Radisys is here to equip your Telco for the gamification challenge. We’re game whenever you are.


You can learn more about the “Ready Telco One” Catalyst project by watching the presentation and demo here.

To learn more about Radisys’ Engage Communication and Digital Engagement Platform, visit our site

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Natasha Tamaskar

Natasha heads corporate & product marketing and sales strategy for Radisys. Named last year as one of the Global Telecoms Business “50 Women to Watch,” Natasha brings nearly 20 years of telecom industry experience with particular expertise in product and corporate marketing, product strategy and business development for cloud, SDN/NFV, wireless and security solutions. Prior to Radisys, as the VP of Cloud Strategy, she was responsible for GENBAND's PaaS strategy and business development. Natasha also spearheaded and launched several of GENBAND’s key strategic solutions including Wireless Gateway, Network Security and WebRTC as the VP of Strategic Marketing. Natasha holds a Ph.D. in Computational Physics from the Liquid Crystal Institute at Kent State University.

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