Overhauling Unified Communications Through Digital Experiences

Digital experiences created around a product or a service—delivered through unified communication channels via text, chat, or voice interactions—can only go so far in providing customers a personalized experience. These communication channels, coupled with the most appropriate brand representation, for example, can significantly boost the engagement between customers and their preferred brands. Al Balasco, the Head of Media at Radisys, shares examples to support this marketing proposition. 

Al Balasco says, “Text, chat, or even voice interactions are limited in their ability to engage audiences. For example, brands can significantly boost customer engagement through Video-based engagements alongside appropriate brand representation from brand ambassadors, sports personnel, celebrities, and personalities who share similar goals/interests with the brand.”

Al Balasco’s example sheds light on the many profitable and promising channels of interaction, which are often neglected by communication experts, invariably failing to deliver memorable customer experiences.

Radisys’ mastery over unified communication channels and digital engagement enables its clients to gain actionable insights from customer interactions, voice, chat, or video-based communications streams.

The company allows customers to effortlessly obtain support for a product or service through various channels of interaction that work in conjunction with unified communication channels. On the other hand, brands are empowered with the ability to gauge their customers’ moods by observing their voices, monitoring a video stream/footage, or if they seem anxious or not served well in any engagement. Drawing its experience and expertise in media processing systems, Radisys helps customers extend and overhaul their unified communication systems and customer interaction channels with newer capabilities; these functions fit into a client’s IT infrastructure like building blocks. 

One of Radisys’ clients—a multinational telecommunications giant in India—employed the company’s expertise to develop a communications application to serve mobile customers across the subcontinent. This alliance between the two organizations showcases how Radisys’ products can be used as the foundation for building different, unified communication solutions or customer care applications or creating applications that serve as adjunct modules to core solutions.

Leaders at Radisys consistently interact with enterprise clients, system integrators, telecommunication independent software developers, and more, thereby helping its clientele provide valuable services to the end customers. Likewise, Radisys has also led many transformative initiatives for clients in the telemedicine, security, surveillance, or eCommerce sectors, helping them gain access to powerful telecommunication tools without needing comprehensive expertise. These systems become an integral component of business processes more often than not. As a result, overseeing the relevant implementation processes efficiently could determine the effectiveness of the engagements carried out through these channels; Radisys enables these businesses to address a multitude of such prerequisites effortlessly. 

In a recent collaboration highlighting this proposition, Radisys engaged with a client that deployed security and surveillance systems across stadiums in Europe. The duo developed an application that could monitor hundreds of camera feeds to detect any anomalies within the stadium. The proposed solution could identify irregularities such as a suspicious bag pack sitting in a corridor or similar alarming circumstances, alerting the concerned authorities to join a conference call to decide on the course of action necessary. Moreover, information for such video feeds could also be documented for regulatory or legal compliance requirements. These collaborations, crafted to enrich brand customer experience journeys, help build a long-term, prosperous relationship with clients, thereby enhancing their brand value and loyalty.

True to its motto, Radisys aspires to script many eventful stories with its clients, fueling their efforts to Reach, Connect, Engage, and Evolve in the enterprise landscape.


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About the Author

Al Balasco

Al Balasco is the Head of Media, Core and Applications Business. Prior to his current role, he was the Sr. Director of Product Management for the Media Server business. Before joining Radisys in October 2010, Al was the Director of Product Management in Avaya Inc.’s Unified Communications business unit where he was responsible for the delivery of a variety of collaboration solutions and partnerships. Prior to Avaya, Mr. Balasco was the Vice President of Product Management at Spectel and was instrumental in defining the company’s VOIP conferencing and collaboration strategy. He also served as Director of Marketing for Sonexis Inc. and Director of Product Management at Brooktrout Software. Mr. Balasco has over 25 years of product management, business development and marketing experience in the telecommunications industry and has an MBA from Northeastern University in Boston.

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