Building Network of the Future - Intelligent and Sustainable

The Telecom sector is on a revolutionary journey that is challenging the traditional operating structures and business models. As enterprises and consumers are gearing up towards unlocking the possibilities of a high bandwidth-low latency experience; the telecom service providers are moving faster to ensure that they are well prepared to face the change of the future. Upgrading existing networks and planning new networks that are flexible, scalable, reliable, intelligent and sustainable have become leading priorities for Telecom companies across the globe.

Decommissioning and migration are the key factors disrupting the telecommunication space and its adoption, is enabling operators to provide better networks, operations, and connectivity. Removal of obsolete equipment and networks are driving new innovative use cases across both revenue acceleration and cost optimization. Deep-rooted collaboration between the Telecom ecosystem of operators, equipment manufacturers, and system integrators is key towards building and scaling the network of the future that will be driving the next era of growth for the telecommunication industry.

Radisys SVP & head of Network Services Business, Arun Balasubramanian, is featured as a speaker at the event. 

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June 13-16, 2022 in Nashville, Tennessee

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