Digital Divide Summit

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Many of us take connectivity for granted, but the reality is there are many people and communities trying to gain access to network services to this day. In the United States alone, 30 million people still do not have access to high-speed internet, and at a global scale, 60% of people remain offline and are unable to participate in the digital revolution. The Digital Divide has become an issue of public debate, as we move to an evermore connected world, those outside of it are inevitably left behind or at a severe disadvantage. Bridging the digital divide will not be a purely public policy-led effort, private enterprise must also take a step forward and explore the options available to deliver connectivity for all.

Radisys at the Digital Divide Summit

Radisys Technical Solutions Director, Prasad Kodaypak, joined The Opportunity for Fiber panel on Tuesday, December 14, 2:00-3:15PM ET.

The discussion explored how fiber has been extremely successful in delivering connectivity in urban and suburban settings, but covering that infamous last mile in rural settings remains a challenge. The prohibitive cost of laying down fiber for an often-limited number of end-users has left millions unconnected or with legacy networks that no longer support modern applications. Deployment is not only challenging in remote areas, however. From digging up city streets to overcoming physical barriers in rural and remote areas, rural carriers face an uphill battle in delivering fast fiber networks whilst keeping prices and cost under control. With this context in mind, fiber deployments need a rethink to reach homes and businesses in low population density areas. How can reducing CAPEX and OPEX lead to fiber reaching more businesses? What are the options to future-proof fiber deployments today so that rural carriers, often burdened with smaller budgets, can remain competitive into the future without relaying cables? What are some funding and financing options available to make fiber rollouts to remote areas feasible?

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