IWPC Workshop: Evolving Transport Networks for 5G - May 15-16, Boston, MA

March 27, 2019

IWPC Workshop: Evolving Transport Networks for 5G

Considering self-backhauling: Integrated access and backhaul links, XRAN/ORAN fronthaul, fiber densification, time sensitive Ethernet, Passive Optical Networks (PON) and mmWave 100-400 GBps wireless innovation


Title: Opening Up the Access Network for 5G

May 15 at 1:40pm

Speaker: Neeraj Patel - VP and GM, Software and Services, Radisys


5G services and applications are driving demand for more bandwidth and ultra-low latency. At the same time, mobile operators and broadband service providers need to find new ways to drive revenues and ease network strain.

To date, mobile operators have focused on implementing open technologies in the Mobile Packet Core, while the RAN has remained mostly untouched. Given that the RAN accounts for a large part of mobile operators’ CapEx and OpEx, it is ripe for the open network disruption. The traditional RAN architecture characterized by being proprietary, embedded, fixed, and integrated – resulting in high costs for the last mile. Due to these characteristics, the RAN is extremely difficult to realize “softwarization,” and is therefore the last area of the mobile network to become open.

Broadband service providers are also facing the same challenges as they seek to transition their networks from proprietary closed box solutions to more open SDN and NFVI-based architectures. SD-PON—or Software-defined Passive Optical Network—is a new term that describes virtualizing functions that originally resided on legacy OLT boxes in a broadband network. By moving these functions from proprietary black boxes to commodity platforms as software form factors and leveraging white box platforms for access specifics, service providers will be able to disaggregate their networks, driving down costs and breaking vendor lock-in.

This presentation will address how opening up the access network for both mobile and fixed networks will enable service providers to meet the demands of 5G. Attendees will:  

  • Learn about the open ecosystems that have emerged that are delivering open reference architectures
  • Understand why the access network is the last frontier for open network disruption
  • Discover lessons learned from early open access deployments




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